Swiss reconsider CHF1,3 billion pledge to EU

In the aftermath of the EU decision to limit the access to financial exchanges to Swiss ,  the Alpine country plunged into serious reflection over the future of the relations between the neighbours. The new President of Swiss Confederation Alain Berset said there was a presumption Brussels will also make a gesture towards the Helvetic partners, while receiving pledged 1,3 billion francs of Swiss aid to EU cohesion funds to poorest bloc’s members for the second time.

“While everything was going well in November, we did not want to make an explicit link between the billion cohesion (fund) and the institutional framework agreement. It seems legitimate that Swiss contribute to interior cohesion of the EU because they have a certain access to the European market. But we will discuss again this issue in nearest future”, the President ensured in his extensive interview in SwissInfo.

The doubts and concerns over the future of the relations with the EU were expressed across the political spectrum, wording the legitimate concerns, Albert Rösti, leading the right-wing Swiss People’s party, accused the EU of having “colonial-style” policies.

“The EU wants Switzerland to automatically take over EU law. In disputes, the European Court of Justice should decide. Failure to comply may result in the EU taking penalties vis-à-vis Switzerland” – Rösti said.

The relations started to erode the end of last year, when the EU granted Swiss stock exchanges only limited access to its market, prompting Swiss reactions of retaliation for what is regarded as discrimination of the Helvetic Confederation.

The vision has been discussed across the political spectrum, assembling support to Leuthard proposal for referendum.



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