Matteo Salvini to re-create EU project

Strasbourg. 13.03.2018. Matteo Salvini, Member of the European Parliament,  gave his press-conference addressing key issues of his future work as a head of the Italian government, and also in the relation to the EU. He ensured that he will do his best to “rebuild”  Italy, and impact the return of the European Union to its origins, namely re-creating a project serving citizens’ interests. Salvini blamed the European Commission the “destruction” of the EU in its origianl concept.

However, Salvini is not in favor of leaving the EU, neither the Euro zone, although he considered the latter as an ill-conceived project,

As an Italian leading candidate for Prime Minister position, Salvini ensured that he has no plans to leave Europe, but to correct some of its policies. He also confirmed that Italy would continue to respect its international obligations, receiving asylum-seekers, but the economic migrants should “simply go home”.

Numerous times Salvini’s press-conference was interrupted by applause from ENF group, present in the room, who came to follow the event live, but also to express the admiration to a member of their political family. The applause caused ferocious reaction of Italian journalists from left-wing media, who immediately demanded to seize applauding, refering to the general ban to produce noise in Hemicycle and press room.

Salvini is the first member of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group of the European Parliament who has a real opportunity to lead one of the EU key economies. In 2017 Marine Le Pen, the member and founder of the ENF group lost French presidential elections to Emmanuel Macron; and Freedom party of Austria (FPO) candidate for Austrian presidency also lost presidential bid, but FPO recovered in general elections, entering government, paving the way for ENF members to European highest political rangs.

Anna van Densky, from #EPPlenary #Strasbourg #EP

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