Moscow denounces Ghouta ‘chemical attack’ as a fake

During press-briefing  in Russian Ministry of Defence Gen.Igor Konashenkov claimed no traces of so-called “chemical attack’ in Eastern Ghouta have been found. Analysing data from different sources, including research made on presumed site of the attack, the Ministry concluded the footage was a fake, and the entire episode a ‘provocation‘.




“Since the beginning of the humanitarian operation in Eastern Ghouta terrorists have not been able to organize any of so-called “chemical attacks” against civilians. Therefore on April 7 they made, probably,  the last attempt to fabricate false evidence of the alleged use of toxic substances by the Syrian authorities” – Konashenkov continued.

“Acting solely in the ranks of the terrorist offensive “White Helmets” once again imitated before cameras staging “chemical attack” on civilians in the city Douma” – he said.

In period from 3 to 6 of April,  the representatives of so-called “White Helmets” were under powerful pressure from London to speed-up with realisation of the provocation, – Konashenkov stated. (See Tweet of Defence Ministry above).

Further General recalled that since 2013, representatives of this “pseudo-organization”, together with terrorists, have rehearsed such a “drama” in various regions of Syria, abusing even children, including infants.

“I want to emphasize that on April 9, a day after the supposedly occurring chemical attack in Douma, Russian military specialists in the field of radiation, chemical and biological defense, as well as military physicians arrived directly to the site of the alleged incident” – Konashenkov informed.

“Specialists of the NCB protection took samples of soil, collected fragments from the so-called site of alleged “use” of chemical weapons. Their expertise was carried out, which showed the absence of nerve agents and chlorine-containing poisonous substances.”

“As a result of an examination of the territory, and a visit to the medical institution shown on the “White Helmets” footage, the interviews with the medical staff and the patients, neither of the facts of the use of poisonous substances nor the injured among the inhabitants of this city were found”.

“Doctors of this institution, representatives of the local population, as well as the militants leaving the Duma, do not even know about the existence of any victims as a result of the use of chemical weapons”.

During the visit of the only local hospital in Douma, military doctors of the Center for reconciliation have been examining the patients; but no victims with symptoms of poisoning substances such as sarin and chlorine were admitted to the medical institution and did not apply.

Also, the bodies of victims of allegedly passed away from the effects of poisonous substances were not found. The medical staff and local residents do not have any information about the possible places of their burial.

In this regard, the statements made today in Geneva by the representative of the World Health Organization, Australian Peter Salama, about allegedly 500 victims of toxic substances in the Douma, are of  “grave concern” – the General said.

In order to locate the alleged victims of chemical attack, the Defence Ministry contacted representatives of the Syrian Red Crescent and the local office of the UN coordinator in Syria, who are actively participating in the humanitarian operation in East Ghouta.

“No data, voiced by the representative of the World Health Organization, none of them have” Konashenkov pointed out.

“If representatives of the World Health Organization  really want to understand the situation, we invite them to Eastern Ghouta and are ready to provide security and all necessary conditions for work” – Konashenkov concluded with an invitation.

“During humanitarian operation, illegal armed groups acting in Eastern Ghouta, undertook several attempts to organize provocations with alleged use of toxic substances to accuse of Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons”Konashenkov claimed.

“The Syrian government has deployed large-scale work to restore civilian infrastructure in Eastern Ghouta” – Gen. Igor Konashenkov said. In general, he situation there has been ” completely stabilized”, he concluded.

Refugees are continuously returning to settlements, and about 60 thousand people have returned to their homes, Konashenkov said.

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