Mogherini: re-launch of UN political process for Syria

“I would like to start from the first one that will be the main highlight of the day: Syria. We will adopt Council Conclusions; we will reiterate our common position that I stated on behalf of the 28 Member States in the last couple of days, especially on the use of chemical weapons and our reaction to that. But most of all, we will work to prepare the second Brussels Conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the region” next week, so that it can be the opportunity to relaunch the UN-led political process.” – said Federica Mogherini, the EU top diplomat ahead of the Foreign ministers Council.

“I had the opportunity to discuss this yesterday with Staffan de Mistura [UN Special Envoy for Syria] and all our Arab partners in Saudi Arabia, where I was invited to open the League of Arab States Summit, and it seems to me very clear that there is the need to give a push to the relaunch of the UN-led political process in this moment. Next week, we will have more than 70 delegations for an EU-UN chaired Conference that, next to the humanitarian pledges, will also focus on how to relaunch the intra-Syrian political talks – meaningful political talks.”

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