Crimea: Eupatoria-Marignane ‘twin’ cities

At arrival to Crimea to sign the partnership agreement with Eupatoria, Éric Le Dissès, Mayor of the French city of Marignane, said he respected the decision of the Crimeans to organize a referendum of self-determination.

Today the Crimeans give warm welcome to the delegation from Marignane (Bouches-du-Rhône) led by Mayor Eric Le Dissès, who has just signed a ‘twin’ partnership agreement with the Crimean city of Eupatoria.

Referring to the referendum on the annexation of the peninsula to Russia, the French Mayor said he respected the decision of Crimea to have chosen Russia independently. In addition, he welcomed the fact that Crimeans had freely expressed themselves in the referendum.
According to the Mayor, it is inadmissible to restrict the rights of Crimeans for freedom and to limit their choice made by their national affiliation. When the members of the delegation were walking around Eupatoria, he said, they saw happy people. For the Crimeans, “everything will be fine”
, said the Mayor.

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