UK top Brexit negotiator David Davis resigns

News about resignation of the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis started to circulate in Twitter microblogs on Sunday evening, July 8. Sarah O’Grady, the wife of David Davis’ chief of staff Stewart Jackson, confirmed Davis has quit in two tweets: “BREAKING: DD resigns”, “DD decided he couldn’t sellout his own country #reisgnation”.

The move came on the 15th months of the 18 month negotiation with the EU27 bloc on the terms of separation, and a new framework agreement for post-Brexit. Taking into consideration the late time of news release, no further detail was available. Continuation follows.

AMENDED: Monday, 9 July

Davis told the BBC that he was no longer the best person to deliver the PM’s Brexit plan – agreed by the cabinet on Friday – as he did not “believe” in it.

He said the “career-ending” decision was a personal one but he felt the UK was “giving away too much and too easily” to the EU in the negotiations.

Prime Minister May said she did not agree but thanked him for his work.

The resignation is a blow to May and her government while she seeks to win over Eurosceptic MPs to her proposed Brexit vision.


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