#EUCO: Brexit deal endorsed in Brussels

European Union leaders formally endorsed a Brexit deal at a Brussels Summit urging UK Parliament to back Prime Minister Theresa May’s package. Although approved unanimously by EU27,  and already receiving positive signals faces from the European parliament the deal is confronted with a solid opposition by MPs.

In line with the wish of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there were no debates among  the 27 leaders at the Council,  and everything has been finalised ahead of the meeting. It took half an hour for hand-shakes and protocol to approve the 600-page treaty outlining the UK withdrawal from the European Union on March 29 and a 26-page declaration outlining a future free trading relationship. British Prime Minister Theresa May joined EU27 shortly afterwards for what will be a brief meeting to seal the accord. However May did not pass by Red Carpet to share her thoughts with press before the meeting, neither did Angela Merkel, or Pedro Sanchez.

The chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier defended the deal, and expressed hope it would be appreciated by the UK Parliament. He also phrased effective work of Theresa May during last two years, but especially the last two weeks, when she did her utmost to conclude Article 50 Agreement.



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