Westminster scheduled vote on Brexit deal goes ahead

Next week’s Westminster vote on British Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal will go ahead, interior minister Sajid Javid said, rejecting media speculation that the government might not proceed with the vote in fear of losing it.

“I don’t think there is any chance of pulling the vote. I just don’t see that happening,” Javid told BBC. “This vote is taking place, as planned, and many MPs (lawmakers) are considering how they may or may not vote.”

Opposition parties, the small Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) that supports May’s government as well as many Members of the Parliament in her own Conservative Party have said they would vote against the deal on December 11.

Javid also said details of Britain’s post-Brexit immigration system would not be published before the vote but he said it would bring net migration down to a sustainable level.

The Labour Party said  it would press for contempt proceedings against the government if Prime Minister fails to produce the full legal advice she has received on her Brexit deal.

Labour has said it will vote against the deal, Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, increased the pressure on May by saying Labour would start contempt proceedings against the government if it did not publish its legal advice.

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