Brexit vote in House of Commons postponed

Prime Minister Theresa May abruptly postponed a the vote on Article 50 deal in House of Commons, admitting there is obstacle on the way to implement the scheduled steps of departure.

May’s decision on the eve of the scheduled parliamentary vote leaves the leadership on crossroads, with two major contrasting scenarios ahead: leaving the EU under WTO rules without an deal with former members of the EU bloc, or the second referendum on EU membership. May’s own position could be in jeopardy, which encourages the opposition parties to call her to resign.

May said she has not changed her indention to put her negotiated Brexit deal for approval of the members of parliament. But she would first ask the EU for more “reassurances” over the main architecture: a “backstop” to ensure no hard border on the island of Ireland, which is characterized by the critics as a trap to  indefinitely abide to the EU rules.

AMENDED: Nigel Farage, (UKIP) Member of the European Parliament said that he experienced the postponing of the vote in House of Commons as “national humiliation“, and added he is sure in the EU “they are laughing at us“.

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