May visits Brussels in hope to save deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to pay visit  to European leaders, and European Commission, seeking flexibility to introduce changes to her Brexit deal in a crucial attempt to save it, after postponing a vote that she admitted would fail to approve the deal. (Image above: illustration).

There is a clear interest of the EU to support May in her attempt to save the deal, because ‘hard’ Brexit without agreement would equally hit both EU27 and the UK, furthermore it would significantly add to unpopularity of the bloc, blamed rigidity and incapacity to serve people’s interest, saving jobs, while prioritising ideological concept of Four freedoms over daily life of people.

AMENDED: At her arrival to Brussels EU Council building (around 5PM Brussels time), Prime minister May did not stop for a ‘doorstep’ comments for press, but swiftly passed to the meeting rooms.

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