Juncker-May deadlocked in Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May faces  perspective of Brexit delay weeks before the official date of the UK departure from the block in absence of the endorsed deal, ensuring the orderly separation.

May met the EU leaders at the margins of the Summit in Egypt in attempt to win support for the deal negotiated by her government, and subsequently rejected by the Westminster.  A number of bilateral meetings took place at Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh where Arab League-EU summit has taken place.

In spite of May‘s considerable efforts to re-shape the deal, making it acceptable for the British lawmakers, the EU executives insist they will not re-open the negotiations, however they are ready to supply with political declarations.

The position of the EU executives has not been changed since the deal has been endorsed by the EU Council in the end of the 2018. The political declarations only are not suffice for the UK lawmakers to accept the deal in its current state.


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