Westminster considers Brexit delay

The European Union will offer Britain a long delay to Brexit because of upcoming European elections, British trade minister Liam Fox said on Sunday, March, 3.

Fox explained it was still “entirely possibleBritain leaves the bloc as foreseen on March 29 but an extension to the Article 50 negotiating period may be necessary in order to deliver a smooth exit from the bloc.


Prime Minister Theresa May said any extension should not be beyond the end of June.

However the junior justice minister Rory Stewart told Skynews that Britain is likely to be forced into delaying of the departure on March 29, if Westminster rejects May‘s deal.

I think we would have to be forced into an extension of Article 50,” Stewart said. “There doesn’t seem to be parliamentary majority for ‘no deal’.”

“I don’t think those in Parliament who’ve sought to create an option to delay Brexit have fully thought through what they’re actually doing,” George Eustice said. He resigned on February 28 from his position as Minister for Agriculture in protest at May‘s plan to allow lawmakers to vote on delaying Brexit if her deal fails to get approval. “It would be dangerous to go to the EU ‘cap in hand’ at the 11th hour and beg for an extensionEustice warned.

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