Peru: EU reminds of Rule of law

Brussels 21.01.2023 “Violent clashes between protesters and police forces have continued in Peru over the last few days. The European Union deplores the very large number of casualties since the start of the protests” reads the press-release by the Spokesperson on the ongoing protests in Peru. (Image above: social media)

“Peaceful social protests respecting the rule of law are legitimate in a democratic society. The EU reiterates its condemnation of the widespread acts of violence as well as the disproportionate use of force by security forces.

“We welcome the recent visit to Peru by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to observe the human rights situation in the context of the current institutional crisis and social protests, and trust that the national institutions will investigate and bring to justice those responsible for abuses or violations of human rights.

The ongoing social and political crises should be addressed in full respect of the constitutional order, the rule of law, and human rights.

“The EU calls on the government and all political actors to take urgent steps to restore calm and ensure an inclusive dialogue with the participation of civil society and affected communities as the way out of the crisis. The EU is fully committed to support Peruvian efforts in this regard”.

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