Borrell: Ukraine military support

Brussels 23.01.2023 “We will start by the Ukraine war. We will study how to continue supporting Ukraine militarily” the EU top diplomat Josep Borrell said, entering the Foreign Ministers Council meeting on 23 January.

“We will discuss about a new tranche of the European Peace Facility (EPF) to provide more funding for Ukraine. And then, we will discuss about the level of military support after the Ramstein meeting – [where], by the way, there were a lot of commitments in Ramstein, a lot of commitments by several Member States, from the point of view of the number of resources engaged. So, we will discuss about the situation in the war.

“We will have [Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine] Dmytro Kuleba, who will discuss with us.

While responding to the question of journalists the EU top diplomat added that “in Ramstein, it was a very good result from the point of view of the number of arms that we – well, they, the different Member States – decided to provide to Ukraine. Do not dismiss the result of Ramstein: a lot of good decisions have been taken. And then each Member State decides at the national level what they want to do. But Germany has engaged a lot with a big amount of resources”.

“About this issue of the tanks, this is not the only thing that has to be discussed. Many other contributions from Member States [towards] the military support of Ukraine have been taken”.

The Foreign Affairs Council, chaired by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, will take place in Brussels.

The Council exchanges views on the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the Sahel and coastal countries of West Africa. It will also be informed about current affairs, with a focus on Iran, Armenia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Montenegro and Ethiopia.

Over a working lunch, EU foreign affairs ministers will hold an informal exchange of views with the Palestinian Prime Minister.

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