EUCO: Borrell defends Ukraine at Summit

Brussels 23.03.2023 Today the EU leaders intend to discuss the situation in Ukraine, the European top diplomat Josep Borrell said, while entering the red carpet in Europa building, where the Summit of the EU leaders takes place on March 23-24 (follow on Twitter hashtag #EUCO).

“…I will explain to the leaders the agreement to provide ammunition to Ukraine” Borrell underlined.

“They discussed that at the last European Council. Estonia made a proposal. I was tasked to implement this proposal and at this European Council, I will have the chance and the honour to present to the leaders our proposal to provide ammunitions to Ukraine.

“You know, 1 million rounds of artillery in 12 months, €2 billion. This is the summary.

“Also, [I will talk about] the Ohrid meeting and the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

“And let me say that any attempt to question the agreement is futile. The agreement was agreed, it has to be implemented, and there is no room for picking and choosing.

“It is a whole, it has to be implemented by all parts, in a holistic way, and we will follow closely who is implementing and who is not implementing.

“I would advise them not to point to anyone, but [to] do their work” the diplomat concluded before entering the working lunch with the UN Secretary general Antonio Guterresh.

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