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Italy PM condemns blindfolding of US suspect

Italian Premie Minister Giuseppe Conte has condemned the blindfolding of one of the two Americans students arrested in relation to the killing of a Carabiniere police officer in Rome last week.

A photo emerged on social media at the weekend showing one of the suspects, 18-year-old Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth, blindfolded and his hands handcuffed behind his back in a Carabiniere station.

 “Italy is a State of the rule of law,” Conte wrote on Facebook. “We have principles and consolidated values” Conte wrote. “We must avoid being swept along by the wave of emotional reactions, while also taking into account that our legislation provides for life sentences for murder without any reduction in the term to be served”.

“This is in part the merit of stricter laws introduced by this government.” The Prime minister added that “now we must instead make sure that those with responsabilité act in such a way that these regulations be applied in a rigorous manner”.
Police say that they have confessed. An autopsy showed Cerciello Rega bled to death after being stabbed 11 times.
Elder allegedly stabbed the policeman while Natale-Hjorth punched his partner.

Italian chopped alive by Nigerian migrants

Italian teenager Pamela Mastropietro who was murdered by Nigerian migrants last year was likely dismembered alive media reports.

The gruesome details occurred in  the testimony from Vincenzo Marino, a key witness in the trial of Nigerian drug dealer Innocent Oseghale accused of murdering the girl.

Mastropietro had become estranged from her family addicted to drugs after a brief relationship with a man from Romania her mother claims.

Marino claims to have overheard Oseghale  admitting the murder during the detention.

The dismembered corpse of the 18-year-old Mastropietro was found in a number of suitcases last February and psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi has alleged that the murder was associated with Nigerian organized crime gangs.

An extraordinary cruelty of killing of the girl led to allegations of ritualistic cannibalism that is known to be practiced by Nigerian crime gangs that are operating across Italy and Europe.

Today at the ministry I met Alessandra and Stefano, the parents of Pamela Mastropietro. The process in which the Nigerian Oseghele is accused is under way. I ask justice for this poor girl, those who committed such a hideous crime must rot in prison, without concessions.” wrote Interior minister Matteo Salvini in his Twitter micro blog.

Circus tiger attacked intruder

A Georgian (25) national was badly injured by a tiger when breaking into an enclosure at the Lidia Togni circus, which is currently in Reggio Calabria,  ANSA news agency reported. According to local officials the naked intruder has been in a confused state and may have taken drugs. The animal almost ripped off his arm, the the same sources said. The Georgian is now in the intensive-care ward of the city’s Riuniti hospital. He is not thought to be in a life-threatening condition. The surgeons could not save his hand, and it was amputated, that cause frustration and anger of the patient when he woke up from anesthesia. He started to threaten staff with knife, and attempted to flee the hospital. Police was called to resolve the incident.

Ban on animals in circus voted November 2017 changed the rules for shows, and at present Italy has implemented phasing out all animals used in circuses according to Ministerial decree. In hundred circuses in Italy about 2,000 animals were forced to perform, and now they are expecting to be relocated.

Europol crackdown on drug barons in Moldova

In the beginning of October four suspects were arrested in Moldova for associating with a criminal organisation and trafficking very large amounts of drugs. The arrests were the result of a long-term operation run by the Moldovan authorities (the National Inspectorate of Investigations and the Organised Crime and Special Cases Section of the Prosecution Office), supported and coordinated by Europol.

Europol’s coordinating and supportive role proved critical for the success of the operation. For almost 2 years, Europol acted as the main platform for the exchange of intelligence and for coordinating operational measures between the Moldovan investigators and police services from several EU Member States. Several operational meetings were organised, financed and chaired by Europol in order to enable the investigators to decide and coordinate their operational actions.

Duterte rejects EU aid to pursue war on drugs

The Philippines took a surprise decision to reject development assistance from the European Union in a move to secure the country’s independent foreign policy, a top official of President Rodrigo Duterte said.

The Southeast Asian country preferres to decline 250 million Euros ($278.88 million) worth of grants to exclude European Union from influencing its internal affairs, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea underlined.

“We’re supposed to be an independent nation,” he said in a message to reporters after the president had rejected criticism made by European countries on his war on drug dealers, causing  killings of thousands without justice procedures.

The numbers of killed in President Duterte war on drugs amount to 9,000 people, mainly the small consumers and dealers from poor areas. Police reports a third of the victims were shot by officers in self-defense during legitimate operations.

Henry Borzi