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Tusk supports long-term Brexit extension

The president of the European Council Donald Tusk made an appeal for long term extension of Article 50 “if necessary to rethink its Brexit strategy and build consensus around it”.

Meanwhile the Members of the European Parliament (MEP) insist that any extension should have a clear reason behind it, because the prolongation of the situation might ‘hijack’ the European elections. It also exports the political crisis in Westminster to Brussels, blocking various, crucial for Europe, developments.

We have to know what for the UK is asking for extension”, – said Gabi Zimmer (Germany, GUE/NGL), the leader of Greens in the European Parliament  The extension should have a clear purpose, and it makes sense only in the framework of sealing the Article 50 agreement.

In any case it can’be prolonged beyond, interfering with the European elections, she continued. The EU Treaty clearly indicates that all the member-states are obliged to organise the elections to European Parliament. In case the UK stays in the EU after the 24 of May, it has also to join the election process.

On contrary the European Socialists consider Brussels should be generous, and more  more room and time should be given to the UK lawmakers with less restrictions to offer them a few years term to be able to organise the second referendum and recall their request to leave the EU.

MEP Marc Tarabella considers two or three years as an appropriate timetable to deliver tangible, solid result, building majority in the Westminster, and consulting Britons in a new referendum.


#8March: Europarl employees protest against inequality

#InternationalWomenDay European Parliament staff went on strike, protesting against inequality in the European parliament. In 60 years only two women reached the positions of speaker, however they both were elected last millennium.

at the European Parliament main entrance at Simone Veil Agora: “We demand that women no longer have to bear the consequences of policies that don’t respect us”. The organisers of the event are the only gender-balanced group in the European Parliament. “We stand up for workers, environment, feminism, peace & human rights. Another Europe is possible!” says the European United Left/Nordic Green Left group, on its Twitter micro blog page.

Catalonia prepares to resist Madrid direct rule

The government of Kingdom of Spain says it will impose direct rule on Catalonia from Friday, 27 October onwards, to counter an  independence push qualified as ‘illegal’ within the frame of Spain’s Constitution, invoking unprecedented measures to fire the government of the northeastern region to quell the political dynamics of self-determination, and maintain grip over modern and rich region, which is essential to the country’s prosperity.

The Catalan parliament will meet on Thursday, a day before, anticipating response to Madrid, something many Catalans, unhappy by status limbo, await to happen, paving the way for a formal declaration of independence.

Independalists in Catalonia say the plebiscite held on October 1,  which drew a 43% turnout in spite of police violence, acting upon Madrid orders, has accorded them a mandate to claim statehood.

Catalonian official said they are confident all civil servants, including police would defy attempts of Madrid to enforce direct rule.

They say direct rule from Madrid, which was the norm during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, would be a humiliation for Catalonia and pose a serious risk of social and economic unrest.

European political major political parties give their support to Mariano Rajoy- Pedro Sanchez alliance for unity of Spain. There are certain fears that the movement can have domino effect, inspiring the other national movements to claim their own states.

“I’m for unity of Spain”- said to Europe Diplomatic Gianni Pittella, MEP, the leader of Socialist group in European Parliament (Italy S&D) presuming the EU politicians have a say in determining the future of Catalonia. The view replicating the opinion of the biggest political force EPP, unconditionally supporting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

However there are also critical voices in European Parliament, the co-chair of the Greens/EFA Ska Keller (DE) said Spanish politics of rejecting dialog with Catalans is simply ‘stupid’, ‘politically stupid’.

After the WWII there were around 70 countries in the world, but the construction of statehood became a trend in the second half of the 20th century, multiplying a number of independent states up to 195. The youngest state is Africa’s South Sudan, separating from Sudan in 2011.