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EU needs more “European Defence”

Brussels 02.09.2021 “Today, we are going to have a meeting that will be dominated by the events in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will be the backdrop of our discussions today” said the High Representative Josep Borrell upon arrival to Informal meeting of EU Defence Ministers.

“I think that it is clear that the need for more ‘European Defence’ has never been as evident as today – after the events in Afghanistan. I am sure that the Ministers will discuss how to face this new situation and how we can be more prepared for future challenges.

“The Strategic Compass is a work in progress. In a couple of months, I think we will be able to present the report of our work, but sometimes there are events that catalyse the history. Something happens and pushes the history, it creates a breakthrough. I think that the events in Afghanistan this summer are one of these cases.

“I hope that today the discussion will be more lively and we will be more engaged on concrete results – no, [there will be no] decisions today, because it is an informal meeting, but to prepare, no later than October or November, the final draft of the Strategic Compass”.

According to Reuters news agency in the last call between U.S. President Joe Biden and his Afghanistan counterpart before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, the leaders discussed military aid, political strategy and messaging tactics, but neither Biden nor Ashraf Ghani appeared aware of or prepared for the imminent danger of the entire country falling to feet of insurgents, a transcript reviewed is a convincing evidence of this lack of awareness.

The politicians spoke for roughly 14 minutes on July 23. On August 15, Ghani fled the presidential palace, and the Taliban entered Kabul. Since then, tens of thousands of desperate Afghans have fled and 13 U.S. troops and scores of Afghan civilians were killed in a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport during the frenetic U.S. military evacuation.

EU-US: transatlantic partnership renewed

Brussels 15.06.2021 The EU-US summit on 15 June 2021 marked the beginning of a renewed transatlantic partnership and set a joint agenda for EU-US cooperation in the post-pandemic era. The leaders committed to regular dialogue to take stock of progress.

Key summit deliverables include three major new trade initiatives. The leaders agreed to:
– create a Cooperative Framework for Large Civil Aircraft;
– engage in discussions to resolve differences on measures regarding steel and aluminium by the end of the year;
– establish an EU-US Trade and Technology Council;
Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, represented the EU. President Joe Biden represented the United States. It was the first EU-US summit since 2014 and the first visit by a US President to the EU institutions since 2017.
At the end of the summit, the leaders adopted a joint statement.

The European Union and the United States represent 780 million people who share democratic values and the largest economic relationship in the world. We have a chance and a responsibility to help people make a living and keep them safe and secure, fight climate change, and stand up for democracy and human rights. We laid the foundations of the world economy and the rules-based international order after World War II based on openness, fair competition, transparency and accountability. Some of the rules need an update: to protect our health, our climate and planet, to ensure democracy delivers and technology improves our lives.

“We, the leaders of the European Union and the United States, met today to renew our Transatlantic partnership, set a Joint Transatlantic Agenda for the post-pandemic era, and commit to regular dialogue to take stock of progress.

“Together, we intend to: (i) end the COVID-19 pandemic, prepare for future global health challenges, and drive forward a sustainable global recovery; (ii) protect our planet and foster green growth; (iii) strengthen trade, investment and technological cooperation; and (iv) build a more democratic, peaceful and secure world. We are committed to uphold the rules-based international order with the United Nations at its core, reinvigorate and reform multilateral institutions where needed, and cooperate with all those who share these objectives”.

Cornwall G7: tempering ambitions

Brussels 11.06.2021 The G7 summit is being held in these often tranquil, and picturesque coastal communities less than 20 miles/32km from Land’s End in Cornwall. Although 5,500 extra police officers have been sent on errand there are not many around the harbour, and delivery vans are passing through without problems.

Preparations have been ongoing since the shock announcement in January 2021, and now the reality has arrived.

Following the unsuccessful UK-EU talks to resolve differences in implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, French president Emmanuel Macron has repeated his insistence that the Protocol is not negotiable, according Bloomberg reports.

Macron is set to discuss the issue and the access of French fishermen to UK waters during a meeting with prime minister Boris Johnson on Saturday, June 12, on the sideline of the G7 Cornwall.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. President Joe Biden appeared to put their differences behind them for the limelight in Cornwall. Johnson assessed the meeting with the American president as a “breath of fresh air”, reports the Telegraph newspaper.

Despite the previous reports Joe Biden was preparing to play down the differences with his British counterpart over the Northern Ireland Protocol, and the leaders traded compliments, and gallantries to underline the everlasting strength of the Atlantic ties.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May has criticised the “incomprehensible” travel rules that mean the UK is “shut for business”, the Telegraph newspaper reports.

While praising the UK’s advancing vaccine programme, May said that if ministers blocked travel every time there was a new COVID-19 variant, “we will never be able to travel abroad ever again”.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to make a milestone decision next week on whether to go ahead with lifting the final Covid-19 restrictions on 21 June.

EU-US Summit on 15 June

Brussels 06.06.2021 The EU and US leaders are expected to address a wide range of issues of common concern, including COVID-19, climate, trade and investment, foreign affairs, and common values. The EU will be represented by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. The US will be represented by President Joe Biden.

Representatives from Washington and Brussels met in the Belgian capital on Wednesday,June 2, to reaffirm the strength of the EU-US partnership on foreign policy and security issues.

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Stefano Sannino, secretary general of the European External Action Service, met as the Biden administration seeks to reassure European allies after the transatlantic relationship took a battering under former president Donald Trump.

Sannino and Sharman called the upcoming summit “as an important step in the revitalized transatlantic partnership.”

Presidents of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and European Council Charles Michel will host US President Joe Biden in Brussels, however Biden will participate at a NATO leaders’ summit in Brussels a day earlier.

The leaders are expected to hold talks on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, trade and regulatory policies, as well as various foreign policy questions at the summit.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will travel to the United Kingdom and Belgium in June 2021. This will be the first overseas travel by President Biden. This trip will highlight his commitment to restoring our alliances, revitalizing the Transatlantic relationship, and working in close cooperation with our allies and multilateral partners to address global challenges and better secure America’s interests.

President Biden will attend the G7 Summit in Cornwall, U.K., which is happening from June 11-13, where he will reinforce our commitment to multilateralism, work to advance key U.S. policy priorities on public health, economic recovery, and climate change, and demonstrate solidarity and shared values among major democracies. He will also hold bilateral meetings with fellow G7 leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

From the United Kingdom the President will travel to Brussels, Belgium, where he will participate in the NATO Summit on June 14. President Biden will affirm the United States’ commitment to NATO, Transatlantic security, and collective defense. NATO leaders will discuss how to orient the Alliance to future threats and ensure effective burden sharing. The President will also hold bilateral meetings with fellow NATO leaders.

While in Brussels President Biden will participate in a U.S.–EU Summit, which will underscore our commitment to a strong Transatlantic partnership based on shared interests and values. The leaders will discuss a common agenda to ensure global health security, stimulate global economic recovery, tackle climate change, enhance digital and trade cooperation, strengthen democracy, and address mutual foreign policy concerns.

We look forward to having further details to share about this trip soon, including potential additional elements.

Gaza: Hamas inside AP building

Brussels 16.05.2021 Israel shared intelligence with the US showing how Hamas operated inside the same building with Associated Press and Al-Jazeera in Gaza, officials in Jerusalem said on Sunday, 16 May.

Officials in more than one government office confirmed that US President Joe Biden’s phone call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday, May 15, was, in part, about the bombing of the building, and that Israel showed Biden and American officials the intelligence behind the action.

We showed them the smoking gun proving Hamas worked out of that building,” a source close to Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said. “I understand they found the explanation satisfactory.”

Another senior Israeli official admitted that the fact that the bombing took place two days after a tweet by the IDF misled some foreign media into reporting that ground troops had entered Gaza made the situation more difficult, from a public diplomacy perspective.

NATO Summit in June

Brussels 25.04.2021 The U.S. President Joe Biden will participate in the NATO Summit on June 14 in Brussels, Belgium. Leaders from all 30 Allied nations will meet to discuss how to orient the Alliance to future threats and ensure effective burden sharing. #WeAreNATO

“This is a unique opportunity to reinforce NATO as the enduring embodiment of the bond between Europe and North America. We will take decisions on our substantive and forward-looking NATO 2030 agenda to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow: Russia’s aggressive actions, the threat of terrorism, cyber attacks, emerging and disruptive technologies, the security impact of climate change, and the rise of China”.

“Belgium was a founding member of NATO in 1949, and has hosted our headquarters for more than fifty years.
I look forward to a successful Summit here in June” said Jens Stoltenberg, the Alliance Secretary General.

Michel invites Biden to Brussels

Brussels 30.11.2020 President of the European Council Charles Michel has invited the U.S. for a Summit in persona or virtual in the first half of 2021, an EU official said, adding the representatives from the EU countries with the rank of ambassador to the European Union (Coreper) will have a discussion on Monday, November 30, to prepare the European Council on strategic debate on relations between the U.S and the EU, based on a “non-paper” sent out on Friday, which includes five building blocks.
The official also underlined that the European Council president will hold consultations as of next week with all EU leaders on the topic of the EU-U.S. relations, constructed on “building blocks”: fighting the COVID-19 pandemic; enhancing economic recovery; combating climate change;upholding multilateralism and shared values; promoting peace and security.

The official added that Charles Michel and his team are currently in close contact with NATO Secretary General NATO Jens Stoltenberg to see if they can arrange a common visit.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel spoke Monday 23 November 2020 with the US President-elect Joe Biden and congratulated him on his election as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the future Vice-President. During the call President Michel proposed to rebuild a strong transatlantic alliance based on common interests and shared values. He welcomed the strong commitment of the President-elect Biden to America’s allies and his support for European cooperation.

President Michel has already invited the President-elect Joe Biden to a special meeting with the members of the European Council in Brussels in 2021 to discuss shared priorities.

The EU stands ready to tackle together with the US today’s pressing challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate change, security, and multilateralism, Michel said.

“Now is the time to join forces. In a changing world, our partnership will be more important than ever to protect our citizens, relaunch our economies, stop global warming and create a safer world. The EU and the US will always have more impact when taking steps together” Charles Michel said.

President Michel also thanked the President-elect for his clear support regarding the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement the EU concluded with the UK last year. This agreement preserves peace and stability in Ireland and fully respects the Good Friday Agreement.

EU top diplomat congratulates Biden

Brussels 07.11.2020 The head of the EU diplomacy Josep Borrell has congratulated the candidate of the Democratic party with the election victory. “I warmly congratulate President-Elect
Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. Record voter turnout expressed will of the American people for change.Great day for US and Europe, we look forward to working together with new administration to rebuild our partnership” the diplomat wrote on his Twitter micro blog.

Meanwhile a series of President Trump messages have been removed from Twitter, which has been actively filtering his communication with the American people, contesting the outcome.
“We think there’s going to be a lot of litigation because we have so much evidence, so much proof, it’s going to end up perhaps at the highest court in the land, you’ll see,” Trump said, adding “We think there’ll be a lot of litigation, because we cannot have an election stolen like this.”

“The American people are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots,” Trump said.

“It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters,” Trump added. “Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access.”


Over the past few weeks the president and his cabinet have prepared the different scenarios with regards to the elections in the USA, and coordinated with Member States, the EU official said.

President Charles Michel was today in touch with the Chancellor Merkel and other leaders to communicate simultaneously.

Following to the discussion, 7 PM was the hour that was agreed upon to congratulate the President elect and the Vice President elect following the result in Pennsylvania, while showing respect for the electoral process, the official has underlined.


General Prosecutor seat for a billion? – Shokin case

The Front News International news agency published leaked documents on alleged intervention of US officials in the internal affairs of Ukraine, describing an episode of then the US Vice President Joe Biden conditioning President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko for a $ 1 billion loan with the replacement of Attorney General Viktor Shokin.  The application of pressure could be explained by the position of Biden’s son in the British company Burisma, which belonged to fugitive Minister of Ecology Nikolai Zlochevsky, against whom the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine led the money laundering investigation. After the replacement of Shokin by Yuri Lutsenko, accusations against Zlochevsky were reduced to tax evasion, and in 2016 charges against him and his company were dropped.

The NGO “Association of International Law” lawyers in Ukraine presented the results of an examination of Biden’s statements, which, according to US media, he made during a conversation with Poroshenko.The story of Biden’s attempt of influence on August 22, 2016, The Atlantic published material “the Biden Doctrine” in which journalist Steve Clemons cites a fragment of talks on the replacement of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General between US Vice President and Poroshenko.

“He (Biden) describes, for example, a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, whom he calls Petro,” Clemons writes.

“Petro, you will not get your billion dollars … Well, okay, you can leave the Attorney General, just keep in mind that in this case we will not pay if you leave,” – quotes Biden’s words the journalist.

According to the scientific and legal findings of the study, “the statement of US Vice President Joseph Biden on the need to dismiss the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, V.M. Shokin, as a condition for allocating appropriate financial (economic) assistance to Ukraine, can be viewed as putting pressure on the president of Ukraine, and therefore this pressure can be qualified as an act of interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine by a foreign state, which violates one of the principles of international law (The UN Declaration on the inadmissibility of interference in the internal affairs of states, the protection of their independence and sovereignty – Ed.) “.

The Front International claims In March last year, three Americans came to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine – two representatives of Blue Star Strategies Karen Tramontano and Sally Piinter, as well as a lawyer from New York, John Buretta, who, according to official information, arrived “to apologize for distributing untruthful information by certain US and Biden’s representatives regarding the activities of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine to investigate the “Zlochevsky case”. The company Blue Star Strategies is engaged in lobbying business in state bodies, continues Front News, and Tramontano and Piinter worked in the administration of US President Bill Clinton. Accroding to the news agency they managed to discover that Tramontano was a shareholder of Dutko Worldwide, which changed its name to Grayling USA, which also engages in lobbying business in state bodies and whose key activity is energy.

Investigation of the “Zlochevsky case”

Minister of Ecology, the time of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych, Nikolai Zlochevsky, issued for his own company – Burisma Holdings Limited, a special permit for the extraction of a third of the gas produced in Ukraine. Zlochevsky left Ukraine after Yanukovych. In the spring of 2014, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a criminal case against him and his company upon a request of the UK prosecutor’s office, requesting assistance in the investigation of Zlochevsky alleged $ 35 million money laundering. The UK law enforcement officers blocked assets on the accounts of its companies for a total of $ 23.5 million.

Amid  EuroMaidan, Zlochevsky created the Board of Directors in Burisma, introducing son of US Vice President Hunter Biden, the appointment falling later under investigation of the Prosecutor General Shokokin,whose activities were interputed by his dismissal, after pressure applied by outside players, inluding Joe Biden.

The Front News International source in the General Prosecutor’s Office reported that Joe Biden promised twice to bring evidence about the alleged corruption of Shokin, which would have served as a reason for his dismissal, but not a single fact of corruption was provided. Another source close to investigation source said that the US Vice President asked to close the “Zlochevsky case” and offered Yuriy Lutsenko to the post of head of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Answering the question about the legitimacy of dismissing Shokin, the president of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio in an exclusive comment to Front News International stated that all charges of this kind should be proven.

“Every accusation of this kind must be proven, with clear evidence,” Buquicchio said.

Shokin’s claim to reinstate the post of Prosecutor General

In early March 2017, Shokin appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine with a lawsuit against the Verkhovna Rada and the President about the recognition of his dismissal as illegal. Also, the lawsuit provides for the restoration of Shokin in an administrative position. However on February 20, the judiciary board of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, headed by Judge Moroz, left the claim without consideration. On the eve of the court session, the Ukrainian media disseminated information, claiming  on April 4 the General Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal investigation into the fact that officials of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine sent untrue statements to the automated document circulation system of the court, in the period from 2016 to 2017. The documents of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine referred to the administrative claim of the “Association of Self-Organization Organizations of the Population of the City of Kiev” against the Kyiv City Council, which was also examined by Judge Moroz.

The lawyer of the “AKITO Law Firm” wrote a statement addressed to the director of the NABU Artem Sytnik that the officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, using their official position, interfered with the legitimate activities of the judge of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine Valentin Moroz.

“Officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, in order to force the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine to make the necessary decision to refuse to satisfy the lawsuit of Shokin by any unlawful reasons, influenced the consciousness and will of the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine and personally of Judge Moroz during the consideration and decision on the case,” the lawyers said in a statement.

The statement also refers to the fact that officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, abusing their official position, interfered in the activities of the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine and, in particular, of Judge Moroz, which resulted in an inappropriate decision on the administrative case.

Lawyers declare that by such actions the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine officers committed criminal offenses related to interference in the activities of the judiciary.

These conclusions are confirmed by the General Prosecutor’s Office of April 28, 2017 response, explaining that the Department of Special Investigations is actually conducting a pre-trial investigation on these facts about alleged interference into the work of the automated distribution of the appel in the case of the “Association of Self-Organization Bodies of the City of Kyiv to the Kyiv City Council.