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Merkel favorable of European army as “NATO supplement”

While delivering her speech on the ‘Future of Europe‘ the German Chancellor Angela Merkel shared her vision on the future of the European defence with the Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg Plenary session.

Chancellor proposed the organisation of the EU security council and operational forces to be able to act swiftly in performing mandated missions outside the EU.

While debating with the Chancellor Merkel Future of Europe, MEP Nigel Farage (UKIP) dabbed  the idea of organisation the EU army as a construction of an “Empire” and  “militarized union”, “expanding to the East“.

Treaty establishing the European Defence Community has remained  unratified since the day it had been signed on 27 May 1952 by six countries – West Germany, France, Italy, and the Benelux. The treaty would have created a European Defence Community (EDC) with a pan-European defence force. The treaty failed to pass ratification in the French parliament – National Assembly, and consequently never entered into force.



EU: six more months of sanctions against Russia


At press-conference, concluding the EU Summit, German chancellor Angela Merkel announced prolongation of sanctions regime against Russia for next six months.

The legal procedure will be launched on Friday  (16/12/2016), and fulfilled by written the beginning of the next week. According to the EU diplomats there are no changes or additions in the text of the document, but dates.

The launch of the legal procedure means the political consensus reached among the EU leaders on the issue, achieved on the Summit 15th December 2017.

DEPECHE from cancellor Merkel press-conference, EU Council, Brussels