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Loiseau self-destructive sarcasm

President Emmanuel Macron’s  candidate to lead a new centrist alliance in the European Parliament Nathalie Loiseau said on she was pulling out of the race, in a defiance to French government influence in the parliamenEt.

Nathalie Loiseau was quoted by Belgian newspapers disparaging allies in Renew Europe, formed by Macron’s party and the liberal ALDE, and adding she intends a sweeping overhaul of the group, the third biggest in the European Parliament.

Loiseau was quoted in Le Soir calling ALDE’s longtime leader Guy Verhofstadtan old git with pent-up frustrations” and branding the conservative European People’s party candidate for Commission president an “ectoplasm”.

Loiseau described the comments, made during an off-record briefing to journalists in Brussels, as “pure fiction” but their leak damaged her credibility just as competition for the leadership intensified. And according to her own words she preferred to renounce her ambition to lead the group.



Loiseau extreme right activism “episode”

The head of the list of the President of France Emmanuel Macron party (LaRem) to the European elections, Nathalie Loiseau, became a target of the opposition criticism on April 23 after revelations that she engaged in her youth along with extreme right-wing activists.

The former Minister of European Affairs would have appeared in 1984, the time of an election, while she was a student at Sciences-Po Paris, under the label of UED from the Union Defense Group (GUD ), advocating the union of rights, revealed on April 22 the news site Mediapart.

Among the other seven candidates on the list was Christophe Bay, a senior official who reportedly contributed to the Marine Le Pen party (RN) candidate’s program in 2017, says Mediapart.

The candidate for the European elections, which stands against Marine Le Pen, leader of the RN, first denied the facts before replying that she had “completely forgotten this episode“.

Before the revelation of the Mediapart, Loiseau was leading in the polls along with the Socialist Benoit Hamon as favorties for the European elections.


Loiseau against II Brexit referendum

The former French Minister of European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau expressed her point of view “in a personal capacity“about holding a second Brexit referendum. In her option that would be a “denial of democracy”.
Confusion remains on the future of the EU departure from the bloc as the subject divides the British lawmakers and the British government, a few weeks before the scheduled exit date of the United Kingdom from the European Union, a short delay to April 12 has been proposed from member-states.

I am personally hostile to a new referendum now because I think it would be a denial of democracy,” said Nathalie Loiseau on BFM TV, who left the government  a day before to lead the list of the LaRem party (“Republic on March” of President Macron) in the 26 May European elections.

The former minister blamed the current “chaos” on the “simplistic slogans” infused into debate by the supporters of Brexit during the campaign that preceded the June 23, 2016 referendum.

France will not recognise Catalan independence

In case Catalonia declares independence “unilaterally,” France will not “recognise” it, said the minister of European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau.

The president of the breakaway region,  Carles Puigdemont, is expected to announce the independence of Catalonia based on the results of the #1Oct referendum, delivering the majority of ballots dropped in support of the secession from Kingdom of Spain.

Puigdemont has planned to address the Catalan Parliament on Monday, however the session was banned by Spanish Court as ‘illegal’, the sitting was postponed to Tuesday, October 10.

“If the declaration of independence will be unilateral, it will be not recognised”, – said  Nathalie Loiseau in an interview to CNEWS. “One can not let Catalonia on the grounds of the survey, organised by the separatists”, – she added.

Last week Catalan independent government published the final results of the plebiscite, endorsed by Catalan Parliament, and declared “illegal” by Spanish Constitutional Court.

More than 2,3 million Catalans voted in independence referendum, in spite of multiple expropriations of ballot boxes, expropriation of ballot boxes, closure of voting stations, harassments, and open police violence, leaving around 1000 wounded, – 90,18% of voters said ‘YES’ to independence. The participation was estimated at level of 43% of illegible citizens.

The minister of European Affairs reminded that with declaration of independence Catalans will lose their place in the EU, which will be the first consequence of their unilateral act.