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Macron-Merkel Aachen Treaty controversy

French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel signed a friendship treaty in Aachen (Germany). The document is designed to deepen the Franco-German alliance, lift it up to a “new level” with a purpose of improving  lives of citizens in both countries.

The treaty was signed in the German city of Aachen, the legendary capital of King Charlemagne, as France and Germany marked the 56th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty.

The idea isn’t new. Paris, in particular, has regularly suggested renewing the treaty in the decades since it was first signed, despite the fact that amendments have been added over the years.

The Treaty of Aachen will be the “foundation of cooperation between our countries,” said Merkel. Seventy-four years, a single human lifetime, after the end of World War II, what seems self-evident is being called into question again,” she continued. “That’s why, first of all, there needs to be a new commitment toward our responsibility within the European Union, a responsibility held by Germany and France.”

French President Emmanuel Macron responded to those “spreading lies” about the treaty and underlined the importance of French-German reconciliation.

Those who forget the value of French-German reconciliation are making themselves accomplices of the crimes of the past. Those who … spread lies are hurting the same people they are pretending to defend by seeking to repeat our history,” Macron said.

Opinion of a professor of law who asks for the Constitutional Council ruling, because the treaty of #Aachen carries several attacks on the national sovereignty. Neither the Constitutional Council, nor the French, nor the Parliament have been consulted” wrote in his Twitter mico blog Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the leader of “Debout, la France!” (‘Stand up, France!‘), promoting direct democracy. The politician referred to an article in Le Figaro newspaper, written by the professor of law faculty of the University Paris II-Panthéon-Assas, Olivier Gohin, who argues, that several clauses of the treaty are not in conformity with the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, and asked for the Court ruling.



Aachen Treaty of Franco-German integration

France and Germany have intended to deepen their alliance and broaden a bilateral post-war reconciliation treaty in a highly symbolic gesture demonstrating that the EU’s arch stands strong, in spite of the departure of the UK, and multiple systemic crisis the EU suffers, in first ranks the unsolved illegal migration issue, and the rise of the nationalistic movements. The ceremony of the signature foreseen on 22 of January in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) the legendary capital of Charlemagne (742-814), the emperor, who assembled the European kingdoms in a powerful state.

However the upcoming treaty is following a rather recent tradition when in 1963, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French President Charles de Gaulles signed a document – Élysée Treaty – defining a special friendship  on six pages with the basic principles of the union between two state creating a European arch, the core of the EU construction.

Nowadays the extension to the Élysée Treaty will be signed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron in Aachen. On the same day, both national parliaments are also supposed to ratify it.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert, called the decision “an issue of historical importance”, after the cabinet in Berlin approved the signing of the contract January, 9.

“Both states will deepen their cooperation in foreign affairs, defence, external and internal security and development and at the same time work on strengthening the ability of Europe to act independently,” the new  addition said.

However not everyone is cheering the ceremony: French far right parties already dabbed the Aachen treaty as a ‘scam‘.

Emmanuel Macron is also the king of the doves of the military collaboration. First European army for over 70 years, the only continental power capable of operating on five continents, France is on an equal footing with the German military dwarf! Berlin has been hooked on the US military since 1945 and has never honored its commitment to spend 2% of its GDP on military spending.

France has invested hundreds of billions of euros more than Germany in its armed forces, our soldiers have shed their blood and expose their lives every day in multiple operations. I do not even talk about nuclear deterrence. What will Germany offer in return to France outside bouquets of flowers for November 11? Nothing” writes the leader of “Debout la France!” party Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

ALERT! Strasbourg perpetrator at large

Strasbourg police asked inhabitants to stay inside, while the operation is ongoing. The perpetrator has been under police surveillance on list S. of radicalised individuals.

In issued press-release police explained the course of events in Strasbourg: “Around 20H, an individual entered the perimeter of the Christmas Market from the side of the birdge Corbeau and took the direction to the street des Orfèvres. The individual opened fire, wounding a number of people.

The provisional toll mounts up to 14 persons, among them 2 died, 6 seriously wounded,, and 6 lightly wounded.
“The point of reception of victims is installed at square Kléber(…
information concerning public transport in town, and lock down  of Neudorf sector…)

The perpetrator is on list S. – under surveillance for radicalisation  of French police. At the moment he is at large. The police operation is ongoing.

Strasbourg police issued an alert, asking citizens for cooperation, to follow police information, and stay inside (at home).

The radical change should come, because politics against terrorism is clearly failing“, tweeted Marine Le Pen in her micro blog, while expressing her condolences to the victims of the attack.

Once again list S for radicalisation! – wrote in his Twitter mico blog Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. –This new tragic attack reminds us about the total war the Islamic terrorists are waging against us. When, finally will we take measures to win it?”


French police have tracked down a gunman who shot 14 people in the center of Strasbourg, reportedly four of them died.

The gunman was identified as a 29-year old man from Strasbourg whose residence had been searched by police earlier in the day in connection with a robbery, two police sources said.

There is no official confirmation, but in French media the gunman is named as Chérif Chekatt.

French prisons cells as hotel rooms?

This week announcement of the minister of justice Nicole Belloubet of telephone installations in each of the 50,000 cells in the 178 prisons in France, in a bid to slash the growing use of forbidden mobile phones and internet-connected smartphones, raises indignation among politicians. (Image: illustration)

“Do you find it is normal, that when you rape, when you kill, you will have telephone? Do you find it is normal that prisons will be like hotels? I don’t accept it. If they don’t change it,  tomorrow police will attacked even more” – warned Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the former candidate in presidential elections, pointing that the aim of fighting the illegal cell telephones in prisons will have ill effects.

“I’m indignant” – continued Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the leader of Debout La France (DLF) party. He added that there are rural areas in France where there is no telephone communication, but the criminals in prisons will have telephones due to project of the minister.

‘When I see it, I ask myself if I’m in country of insane, I ask myself if in the ministry of justice there are insane?!” – Nicolas Dupont-Aignan exclaimed during interview with  France2 TV channel.

“Prison is not the Club Med! What is next? Subscription to Chanal+ for cinematographic culture?!” – tweeted Member of the European Parliament Renaud Muselier (Le Républicains (LR) party), addressing his message to the minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet. “We are awaiting the restoration of the authority of the State and severe punishment of criminals!”



According to Minister Belloubet project, prisoners will have free access to the phones 24/7, but will only be able to call up to four outside numbers that have been authorised beforehand.
The roll-out comes after a successful trial at the Montmédy prison (Meuse), which reported prisoners use their allotted calling numbers regularly.
During the trial, the use of prohibited mobile phones decreased by 30%; a percentage that was also helped by the seizure – in the first trimester of 2017 – of 200,000 mobile phones, SIM cards and chargers.

Previously, the deprivation of the contacts with the close ones, family and friends was considered as a part of punishment, the notion started to evade in times of cell phones, and smart phones.