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Macron as “major producer” of fake news

The Russian Foreign Ministry will request official explanation from l’Elysée, as well as from the French Embassy in Moscow concerning a media-cited statement by President Emmanuel Macron alleging that Russian media is meddling in the republic’s affairs, namely Yellow Vests protests, Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said.

“If this piece of news cites everything correctly (and we will officially request the French side both in Moscow and in Paris about this), then President Macron is the main producer of fake news in France, and all his activity towards fighting this is a sham,” Zakharova blogged on her Twitter micro blog.




Charlemagne Prize: Macron calls for EU unity

President Emmanuel Macron received the Charlemagne Prize #Karlspreis in Aachen in recognition of his vision of a new Europe.” In his acceptance speech, Macron put forward his long-term goals for the European 27 member-states bloc.

Charlemange tomb

French President is recognized for his contributions to European cohesion and integration as he receives the Charlemagne Prize in the German city of Aachen.

In his acceptance speech, Macron gave the highest esteem the European project for maintaining a “miraculous” 70 years of peace on the continent and outlined the his vision for the future.

Macron calls for unity among member states and warns that the divisions that appeared during the eurozone and migrant crisis risk to undermine the EU project.  He also insists that a common eurozone budget is crucial to guarantee the EU unity. The President urges Germany to get over its “fetish” for budget surpluses and work with him on forging deeper economic co-operations.

Elections: Macron-Le Pen key TV debate

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen – the elections’ major contestants – meet in a decisive TV debate head to head before Sunday’s decisive second-round vote to choose France’s next president.

The debate is called ‘historical’ in many way, also because first time there are no representatives of two major political parties: Republicans (conservatives) and Socialists.

In spite of the call of both major political forces to drop the ballot in favor of Macron in a tactical vote to prevent Front National to ascend presidency, there is still a lot of deception and abstention awaited the day of elections on 7th May. Still a lot of French votes do not see as their future President neither of the uprunners.

Both candidates hope to attract votes from the candidates fallen out from race.