Charlemagne Prize: Macron calls for EU unity

President Emmanuel Macron received the Charlemagne Prize #Karlspreis in Aachen in recognition of his vision of a new Europe.” In his acceptance speech, Macron put forward his long-term goals for the European 27 member-states bloc.

Charlemange tomb

French President is recognized for his contributions to European cohesion and integration as he receives the Charlemagne Prize in the German city of Aachen.

In his acceptance speech, Macron gave the highest esteem the European project for maintaining a “miraculous” 70 years of peace on the continent and outlined the his vision for the future.

Macron calls for unity among member states and warns that the divisions that appeared during the eurozone and migrant crisis risk to undermine the EU project.  He also insists that a common eurozone budget is crucial to guarantee the EU unity. The President urges Germany to get over its “fetish” for budget surpluses and work with him on forging deeper economic co-operations.

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