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Six ISIS orphans repatriated to Belgium

Six orphans of Islamic State jihadists who were being held in Kurdish camps in northeastern Syria were repatriated to Belgium , the Belgian foreign minister confirmed. (Image above: broken doll).

(NB! Any relevant images of violence, and executions committed by ISIS children will be blocked by Facebook. We have replaced them by a photo of broken doll to be able to publish the article in social media).

“The six children have just arrived in Belgium from Syria,” Didier Reynders announced via his Twitter micro blog.

The children, who are between the ages of six and 18, “are now being monitored and accompanied by the youth support services and the competent local prosecutors,” he adds.

Former Secretary of Migration, a prominent Belgium politician Theo Francken condemned the relevant authorities decision to repatriate ISIS orphans from Syria, questioning whether they really were orphans and arguing it could lead their parents to return to Belgium as well.

Vlams Belang party reacted with three words: “No. Never. Never” to the ambivalent decision of the judges to repatriate ISIS orphans, in spite of the fact that they are indoctrinated at very early age.

Children played with the decapitated heads, but I didn’t,”  Abas (16) told . “My father forbade me.” “We have seen many executions,” Saad said. “We came across them. It all happened in the middle of the street” according to Haaretz newspaper reports.

“Isis in Syria and Iraq is systematically recruiting children as young as eight to become soldiers and suicide bombers, and exacts brutal punishment on those who defy them” Evan Williams reports in his documentary.

Annemans: Catalan state building strategy missing


The establishment of an independent republic is not impossible. It has often happened in the last century, provided that a number of conditions are met it is a process that can be successfully crowned.

However, it should not be underestimated in the current context of the European Union and it must be well prepared. Naturally, the aspect of international recognition must be put in the right place.

I feel that the Catalan friends have misjudged two things. First, their “own” Spanish situation and then the international context. This was very noticeable in at most naive Catalan hope for the fundamental rights, in name of which the European Union should have chosen for Catalonia against Spain. The opposite was the case. Of course, the referendum is an important tool, but certainly not unique. The completion of a state-building process requires a decisive state-building strategy that was fully missing after the declaration of independence in Catalonia. Subsequently the Catalans might come to a standstill just like their Flemish partners of the N-VA. Or they will have to completely rewrite the homework of that state formation strategy.

Gerolf Annemans, Member of the European Parliament, ENF group, Vlaams Belang party.  An author of best-sellers on issues of independence of his own native Vlaanderen, Annemans stands for ‘open’ strategy in state-construction, combining national and international actions ensuring orderly split-up.
After Belgium – The Orderly Split-Up” by Gerolf Annemans and Steven Utsi (Author) Paperback – July 1, 2011

Please, find original in Dutch below:

“Ik heb over de Vlaamse onafhankelijkheid 2 -in hoge mate wetenschappelijke-  boeken gepubliceerd. De stichting van een onafhankelijke republiek is geen onmogelijkheid. Het is de laatste eeuw dikwijls voorgekomen en mits aan een aantal voorwaarden wordt voldaan is het een proces dat vlot met succes kan bekroond worden. Toch mag het in de huidige context van de Europese Unie niet worden onderschat en moet het zeer goed worden voorbereid. Uiteraard moet het aspect van de internationale erkenning bij uitstek zeer goed in de steigers worden gezet.  Ik heb het gevoel dat de Catalaanse vrienden twee zaken verkeerd hebben ingeschat.  Ten eerste hun “eigen” Spaanse situatie en de internationale context.  Dat was goed te merken aan de naivistische Catalaanse hoop op de fundamentele rechten die de Europese Unie voor Catalonië en tegen Spanje zouden doen kiezen. Het omgekeerde was het geval. Natuurlijk is het referendum een belangrijk instrument maar zeker niet alleenzaligmakend. Voor het afronden van een staatsvormend proces is een doortastende en staatsvormende strategie nodig die na de onafhankelijkheidsverklaring in Catalonië totaal bleek te ontbreken.  Catalanen zullen ofwel -zoals hun Vlaamse partners van de NVA – totaal stilvallen.  Ofwel zullen ze het huiswerk van die staatsvormende strategie totaal opnieuw moeten herschrijven”.

Image: Brussels, Schuman square, Catalan Mayors protest at EU buildings. In forefront a supporter of Catalan Republic with a flag of Flemish Republic – Republiek Vlaanderen. 7/11/2017image