Commission proceeds with relocation plans

The European Commission will take a decision next month on any legal cases against countries failing to open doors to asylum-seekers (migrants) as agreed in the EU27, taking a step toward potential punishment for Poland and Hungary. (Illustration: terroristic act in Stockholm).

The European Commission once again underlined that member countries could not avoid solidarity with Greece and Italy by taking a fair share of the asylum-seekers from Africa and Middle East.

The EU27  insistence on distributing the migrants across the Europe is perceived as controversial, and fewer than 20 thousand people have been relocated so far under the two-year plan meant to cover 160,000.

While some EU states have been slow and taking asylum-seekers in reluctantly, Poland and Hungary have refused to obey Brussels orders, insisting on observing Dublin regulation, clearly stating that the refugees should stay in a frist safe country.

The debate illegal mass-migration is increasingly vexed amid a series of terroristic attacks committed by migants, and occurence of no-go zones in European cities.

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