Taormina. Act II: ‘NO G7’ protests

The meticulously staged political performance of the G7 Summit was animated by the crowd of anti-globalist stepping on the stage at the outskirts of Taormina.

… and here is the second Act with anti-G7 demonstrators:

The demonstrators of anti-G7 protest gathered near the site of the Summit, at a place called Giardini Naxos, according to a number of reporters at the scene of the incident, who indicated there was an impressive crowd formed by anarchists, communists and the other anti-globalist groups. Ahead of clashes with the police and the tear gas incident, organizers insisted their aim was to conduct a peaceful demonstration. They had expected more than 3,000 people to attend the “NO G7” rally, focusing on issues including concerns with migration, free trade and global warming.

“This is not about violence,” said Gianmarco Catalano, one of the organizers, ahead of the protest, however the shops and cafe owners along the beach promenade in Giardini Naxos had barricaded up their businesses by midday.


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