Puigdemont to stand in elections from Belgium

While the European Arrest Warrant has not yet been awarded by the Spanish authorities, Carles Puigdemont said he wanted to engage “in true justice (of Belgium), but not in the Spanish justice.”
“I do not have fled, but it is impossible to prepare well (for my defense) “. The President of self-proclaimed Catalan Republic in exile said he has come to avoid a wave of violence: “Never has violence been an option for us”.
As for its presence on Belgian soil, it ensures not wanting to “belgianise Catalan politics” and have not yet met Belgian officials. “What we want from Spain is recognition, respect.”
The President of Catalan Republic in exile, Carles Puigdemont, went to RTBF’s studios for an exclusive interview about the political situation in Spain and his vision of the future of Catalonia. He expressed readiness to co-operate with Belgian authorities, but he is not ready to travel to Spain unless, he gets ‘guarantees’ of safety.
The interview was recorded before the European arrest warrant of Spain’s prosecution.

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