Puigdemont and team released in Brussels

The President of the self-proclaimed Catalan Republic Carles Puigdemont and his four former ministers were placed under arrest by the investigating judge,  according to the European arrest warrant procedure issued by Spain, but released on conditions, said Sunday evening at midnight left the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Their release is subject to a ban on leaving the Belgian territory without the judge’s consent, the fact of residing at a fixed address and an obligation to appear personally at all proceedings or summonses. judicial and police authorities. These decisions are not subject to appeal.

The next stage of the procedure is the appearance of the team of five politicians in front of the Brussels Council Chamber within 15 days.

The five people wanted by Spain went to the Federal Judicial Police in Brussels on Sunday morning and remained in custody since at 09:17. T

They were escorted to Portalis, rue des Quatre-bras, by the police. The investigating judge heard the interested parties during the day. On the basis of these hearings, he issued his orders in the framework of the five European arrest warrants issued by Spain.

The judge had 24 hours to decide upon Spain’s warrant, but the decision fall earlier around midnight. Reportedly the procedures took double time because of the translation.

The experts say that due to EU rules Puigdemont and his team will be not able to ask for a asylum in Belgium, because all block’s countries are considered as democracies de jure, irrespective of de facto situation. However Belgium judges have some space for freedom to render justice in the framework of ‘humanitarian grounds‘.

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