200 Catalan Mayors demand EU to act

Catalonia’s Mayors came to Brussels to express their protest and demand the EU to act in defence of democracy and human rights, liberating political prisoners in first place, and restoring the function of democratic institutions. Mayors say they are the only power left in place after Madrid launched an offensive, misusing laws, namely article 155 of the Constitution of Kingdom of Spain to abolish the democratic institutions in Catalonia.

As the result of misinterpretation of laws, Mayors insist, Madrid through the government of Catalonia to jail, criminalising the organisation of referendum – the expression of opinion of citizens – one of the basic rights and democratic freedoms. Mayors expect the EU to act without delay to restore democracy in Catalonia.

“We expect from the EU mediation, and respect of right of Catalans, – Mayor said. – Catalan people have no more laws, no government, no Parliament – one of the oldest in Europe. It is impossible that Europe does not act in this political question of fundamental rights”.

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