May offers France €50,5 million for border control

British Prime Minister Theresa May on offered France 50,5 million to improve security at French border controls, part of measures to deepen cooperation that she hopes will foster fruitful Brexit talks.

During talks with President Emmanuel Macron at Sandhurst, Britain’s army officer training academy,  May displayed  that her government is a valuable partner for France and other members of the European Union. But even more it is a gesture towards UK electorate to ensure them, that country is moving towards Brexit, restoring its borders, and taking control, preventing flows of migrants accumulating in Calais to enter UK illegally.

According to the agreements of Touquet since 2004, the UK border is control starts from France, where British agents request documents for travel to prevent illegal entrance. Only last three years the UK paid more than 100 million to maintain the system in place and ensure effective control of borders from the French coast, and especially Calais. During his recent visit to the city of Calais President Macron warned that the state will not allowed to reconstruct the “Jungle”, a camp of eight thousand migrants, which was dismantled in 2016.



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