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Channel human smuggler arrested in UK

A suspect wanted by Antwerp’s authorities for his connection with an alleged people smuggling network was arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency in close cooperation with Belgian law enforcement.

British national Saman Sdiq (33) was arrested at his home address in the UK  September, 17. He is suspected of providing vehicles from the UK to the criminal network of which several other alleged members have already been arrested and are in custody in Belgium.

Authorities believe the network collected migrants around Calais and took them into Belgium, before loading them into lorries near the town of Postel, near the Dutch-Belgian border. From there they transported migrants across the Channel.

Belgian prosecutors believe they have identified more than 15 attempts to smuggle illegal migrants between November 2017 and April 2018. On a number of occasions illegals, including minors and young children, were found hidden in the cargo space of the trucks.

 “Belgium and the UK stand firm on stamping out this sort of crime and the horrendous ill-treatment of the vulnerable. The condition in which smuggled migrants are made to travel long distances is appalling. We will continue to find those responsible and punish them” – said British Ambassador to Belgium, Alison Rose.



May offers France €50,5 million for border control

British Prime Minister Theresa May on offered France 50,5 million to improve security at French border controls, part of measures to deepen cooperation that she hopes will foster fruitful Brexit talks.

During talks with President Emmanuel Macron at Sandhurst, Britain’s army officer training academy,  May displayed  that her government is a valuable partner for France and other members of the European Union. But even more it is a gesture towards UK electorate to ensure them, that country is moving towards Brexit, restoring its borders, and taking control, preventing flows of migrants accumulating in Calais to enter UK illegally.

According to the agreements of Touquet since 2004, the UK border is control starts from France, where British agents request documents for travel to prevent illegal entrance. Only last three years the UK paid more than 100 million to maintain the system in place and ensure effective control of borders from the French coast, and especially Calais. During his recent visit to the city of Calais President Macron warned that the state will not allowed to reconstruct the “Jungle”, a camp of eight thousand migrants, which was dismantled in 2016.



Migrant violence in Calais on rise again

An exchange of gunfire between groups of Afghan migrants left injured in the French port of Calais, officials said, blaming an apparent settling of scores between traffickers.

The local prefect’s office told shots were fired in the late afternoon near a Catholic aid centre outside the centre of the northern port city.

“An exchange of fire with the protagonists of Afghan nationality – one supposes – is a settling of scores between traffickers, though that still has to be confirmed,” the prosecutor at nearby Boulogne said.

One man was reportedly taken to hospital after being hit in the abdomen.

He added police were expected shortly to begin questioning victims and witnesses.

Later in the afternoon police officers had to open fire to stop a car speeding up towards them. A car carrying migrants in Calais Jungle area accelerated speed towards a group of officers trying to halt it for a check, authorities said.

None of the nine migrants aboard the vehicle was wounded, but the car hit one of the officers and injured his knee.

“The vehicle hit an officer, whose knee was slightly injured. The officers opened fire”, stopping the vehicle, a local official told to media.

Six Iraqis and three Afghans in the car were arrested.

Calais Jungle brawls stopped by riot police

Riot police engaged to break up clashes among some a hundred of African migrants armed with sticks and rocks in the northern French city of Calais during the weekend, local police said, following similar brawls the night before. (Photo: illustration)


Riot police had been deployed to separate the fighting between Eritreans and Ethiopians in an industrial zone of Calais, and the situation was brought under control by mid-afternoon, an official said.

The fighting pitting Eritreans against Ethiopians left 16 migrants injured and around 10 have been arrested, police official Etienne Desplanques told AFP.






France: ethnic brawl sets camp on fire

Reportedly a huge fire broke out close to Calais jungle. A brawl, apparently between Afghans and Kurds in Grande-Synthe migrant camp (30 km from Calais Jungle), made at least three wounded. At 11 pm, more than half of the camp was devastated by a fire.

The Linière camp at Grande-Synthe (outskirts of Dunkirk) was in flames on Monday night, writes French newspaper Le Figaro. At the time of the arrival of the police force units to the entrance of the camp it became clear that a brawl between two ethnic groups required the engagement of the mobile forces to separate the belligerents. The police officers had to use 21 tear gas grenades. The incident caused at least three wounded by bladed weapons.