US denies visas to Bolshoi star dancers

Russia’s Foreign Ministry (@MFA) informed about the failure of the Bolshoi Theater to perform in New York because of the denial to issue American visas to star dancers:  ballerina Olga Smirnova(pictured) and  first soloist Jacopo Tissi were not allowed to enter the United States.

“Just two days ago we were informed about the deplorable situation with the issuing of the American visas in Russia by the US authorities. Artificially created, it lead to considerable difficulties in maintaining business, cultural, sports and even family ties”- the statement says. The MFA is regretting “a new negative example” of the denial of entry to artists Moscow Bolshoi Theater, the Foreign Ministry underlines.

“Tours of national performing projects, including, of course, the Bolshoi Theater, which is considered the” visiting card “of our country throughout the world, invariably found the warmest response of the broad American public, but today the influential US forces, anxious to press Russia harder,  do not stop at anything … As a result, the performances in New York of prima ballerina Olga Smirnova and the first soloist Jacopo Tissi have been cancelled” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

The artists had to perform at the Lincoln Center in New York. They were denied visas on April 10.

During Cold War era art of Bolshoi Ballet served as a point of rapprochement to reduce tensions between superpowers: President Kennedy & First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (JBK) attend the opening of the Bolshoi Ballet at the Loew’s Capitol Theater, Washington DC, 8:00PM, 1962 November 13.



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