EP bans Sierra pro-Catalan installation in Strasbourg

The European Parliament banned pro-Catalan exhibition planned to be inaugurated during Strasbourg plenary (28-31 May). The artifacts signed by contemporary Spanish artist Santiago Sierra  have been already excluded from participation in a festival in Madrid, however the artist could not expect the similar fate to plagues his ouvre  in the institution symbolising European values, namely the freedom of thought.

Madrid’s International Contemporary Art Festival (ARCO) has already removed the installation of Santiago Sierra (born 1966, Madrid) named “Political prisoners in contemporary Spain,” which included the portraits of four Catalan leaders held behind bars for pursuing independence, the Catalan media reports.

The installation was planned  to be open to public on Wednesday (30/05), but questors, responsible for the admission of exhibitions to European Parliament building, decided to withdraw it before visitors could see it.

Serra’s installation is assembles 24 portraits, including the blurry pictures of jailed Catalan leaders. In total, 12 people have been held behind bars at some point during the investigation into Catalonia’s push for independence.

However the conference on the support of Catalan political prisoners in Spain was held during Strasbourg plenary, the Catalan media reports. The relatives of the jailed politicians, and activists met Members of European Parliament to share their concerns, and grievances.

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