Sassoli lawsuit against Commission

Brussels 29.10.2021 Written statement by the President of the European Parliament. Following President Sassoli’s request, the Parliament’s legal service today submitted the lawsuit against the European Commission for its failure to apply the Conditionality Regulation to the Court of Justice.

The regulation, which was adopted last December, allows the EU to suspend payments from the EU budget to Member States in which the rule of law is under threat. However, the Commission has refrained from using it so far. Parliament’s legal affairs committee had therefore recommended taking legal action.

“As requested in parliamentary resolutions, our legal service has brought an action against the European Commission for failure to apply the Conditionality Regulation to the Court of Justice today”, passed the message of the European Parliament President David Sassoli via his press person Roberto Cuillo.

“We expect the European Commission to act in a consistent manner and live up to what President von der Leyen stated during our last plenary discussion on this subject. Words have to be turned into deeds.”

David Sassoli has been absent for six weeks since September 15, when his team informed by press-release about his hospitalisation.

“The President of the European Parliament David Sassoli was taken to the Hôpital Civil in Strasbourg on Wednesday 15 September. After the necessary medical examinations, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and was immediately treated. He is in a good condition, ” statement by the Roberto Cuillo, spokesperson for President Sassoli.

Image above: #SOTEU STRASBOURG 15.09.2021 Sanitary COVID19 rules European Parliament State of the Union Address 2021. (c) Aleksy Witwicki photo correspondent

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