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“Terrorist incident” at London Bridge

The UK police has declared the stabbing near London Bridge terror-related. Several people were injured, but at the moment the gravity of wounds in not made public. The suspect shot dead by police at scene, while wearing “hoax explosive device”.

At present neither of Islamists groups has claimed the attack, however the experts say in its style it is ISIS “inspired”.

There were some reports in social media about pedestrians, attempting to disarm the assailant, and they have succeeded.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan thanked the emergency services, police and the “members of the public, who risked their own safety this afternoon – they are the best of us”, he concluded, asking Londoners to stay vigilant at all times.

Oslo ambulance attack

An armed man stole an ambulance, drove away and hit some people. We got him now,” a police spokesperson said.

The largest national newspaper Aftenposten published a photo showing a man, wearing green trousers, lying next to the vehicle surrounded by police officers.

A witness told the newspaper that he saw “the ambulance driving at high speed toward me … and right behind a police car.”

The assaillant injured three people including two babies when he drove off and hit a family, Norwegian police and hospital officials have said.

Two babies were injured after the hijacked ambulance hit a family. They are twins, seven months old, and they are being treated,the University hospital spokesman said.

Police officers are searching for a second suspect, a woman, over the theft of the ambulance. They also underlined that nothing indicates it was a terrorist attack: an armed man stole an ambulance and attempted to drive away.


Some people who escaped the ambulance wheels were also taken to hospital for treatment from psychological trauma. There was elderly couple who run away, who also were hospitalised.

Oslo police did not reveal the identity and origin of the assimilant.

#Strasbourg: France reinforces its borders

Early morning hours Minister of Interior of France Chirstophe Castaner (pictured) gave press-conference in Strasbourg, updating the information on the ongoing police operation. There are 350 policemen, and two helicopters involved in the search operation. Castaner declared plan “Vigipirate” at level of “emergency attack“.

Minister ordered to reinforce the border control.

The gunman, shot 14 people, 2 died instantly. During the conference Castaner delcared three people dead as a result of attack at Christmas Market in the historic city centre.

Strasbourg Christmas Market is a tourist attraction, known world-wide, and considered as oldest in Europe, in winter the city is often referred to as “Capital of Christmas“.

Strasbourg Marché


Ukrainian anti-corruption activist died after acid attack

Anti-corruption campaigner Kateryna (Katya) Gandzyuk, injured in an acid attack in July, died in a hospital, supporters and the Ukrainian government confirmed.

Katya is dead. Details will be available in a while,” posted a Facebook group that publishes updates about Gandzyuk‘s health and news on the investigation into the crime.

President Petro Poroshenko confirmed the news and offered condolences to Gandzyuk‘s relatives at a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian community in Turkey’s Antalya, where he is on an official visit.

“I appeal to law enforcement officers to do everything possible so that the murderers of Kateryna Gandzyuk are found, put on trial and punished,”

Katya’s death is a judgement of the system, with all its “reforms,” empty bravado, worthless praise...” wrote Yulia Timoshenko in her Twitter micro blog.

Sudanese immigrant arrested on terrorist charges in UK

A man arrested on suspicion of carrying out a terrorist attack at the UK Parliament has reportedly been identified as 29-year-old Salih Khater.

The suspect, a British national from Sudanese origin, has been identified by a European security source, Reuters reports. The was not known to intelligence services before, and he was not on the list of the monitored radicalized individuals.

The man was also identified as Khater by governmental sources, according to the BBC.

Many social networks users were indignant when main stream media described the attacker as a ‘British national‘.

Journalists killed in Kabul suicide blast

Two suicide blast at rush hour in Kabul claimed lives of more than 20 people, and left many injured. In a first explosion, a suicide bomber detonated himself close to the National Directorate of Security (NDS), the main Afghan intelligence agency, TOLOnews reported quoting official sources.

In another explosion that followed 20 minutes later, a second suicide bomber targeted emergency medical workers and journalists who had arrived at the scene.

Reporting from Kabul, Afghan medid said ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bomber disguised himself as a journalist and detonated himself among the crowd of press, rushing to the place of the first attack.
AFP chief photographer Shah Marai (pictured) three other journalists were among 21 killed in two suicide blasts in Kabul.


Münster: Juncker expressed condolences to Germany

“We’re mourning. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. My big thanks goes to all those who helped you in these difficult moments”,  Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission wrote in his Twitter microblog. He wished to injured strength and recovery.

Police in Münster said several people had been killed and others injured when a van smashed into a group of people in the city center. Authorities are investigating the scene and the circumstances surrounding the car crash.

Crowded and popular #Kiepenkerl square in Munster, where the van crushed into the café terrasse:


#NotreDame: Paris policeman attacked with hammer

According to French police an attacker who harmed policeman with a hammer has been shot and transported to the hospital. The incident took place outside the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, the most emblematic place in French capital, crowded with toursts. It also next to police headquarters.  The suspect has been wounded in the chest, French media reports. Police discovered two knives in the bag of the assailant. The area is in lockdown.

At the moment the police issued a message, informing that the both policeman and the attacker are transported to hospitals. They also asked to avoid the area.

France is in a state of emergency since attacks by jihadists in Paris left 130 people dead in 2015. The policeman attacked was on duty guarding the historic monument.


EU condolences to Afghanistan

“Our hearts are again with the Afghan people at this time. The European Union stands in firm solidarity with the Afghan authorities and our international allies in the fight against terrorism,” – says the statement of the European External Action Service.

“During discussions over the last four days in Beijing with State Councillor, Yang Jiechi and in New Delhi with Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Minister of State for External Affairs M.J. Akbar, the High Representative has emphasised the importance of the engagement of the international community, and in particular regional actors, in bringing peace to Afghanistan;”

” This is also a message she will take to Moscow next week for discussions with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.”

“Only an inclusive, peaceful resolution of the conflict can bring the stability and prosperity that Afghan citizens deserve.”

Louvre attacked amid Malta Summit


The attack in Louvre Museum in Paris happened amid a human rights debate on migration from Libyan coasts. Human rights concerns have looming large at proposed EU plan to block migrants in Libya. (Photo: from Malta Informal Summit)

At EU  informal Summit in Malta the heads of states and governments have been discussing the ways to reduce massive flows of Africans fleeing poverty and conflicts, smuggled by traffickers from Libyan coasts. The EU leaders assess  methods to close down that route across  the central Mediterranean combining naval and financial assistance to the UN-backed government in Libya. The EU has been sensitive to concerns of advocates for refugees  denouncing conditions in Libyan detention camps where the migrants are kept, and claiming more efficient organisation of reception of migrants and refugees in Europe, including their timely relocation over continent, to avoid swelling in overcrowded camps in Italy. (Photo: from Louvre Museum the same time)


Lately  EU leaders have been criticising USA President Trump for his rejection to accept migrants from seven countries, representing high terrorist threat, including Libya. The US president also reacted on the attack in Louvre Museum.

Internauts are happy that there were no innocent victims of the incident.