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Liguria stops hotel funding for migrants

The Italian region Liguria decision, backed by the centre right and opposed by the centre left, the 5-Star Movement and left-wing parties, excludes hotels and hostels that hosted migrants under the SPRAR system from getting funding for tourist revamps.

Subsequently Liguria stops funding hotels that hosted migrants over the past three years, according to a League decision approved by the regional council in Genoa.

The rule was approved by 16 votes to 11.

An average price for accommodation in Liguria amounts to €50 a day, imposing on local community to cover costs of €1500 a month per person per each migrant.

The main reasons to visit Liguria is natural beauty (51.4% of Italian and foreign tourists), cultural heritage (45.3%), followed by food and wine interests (21.6%). For foreigners in particular there is a strong desire to visit unfamiliar places (29.1%). Foreign tourists also tend to pay attention to the quality/price ratio (29.5%). For Italians the main motivations are easy accessibility of the destination (47.5%) and proximity (36.3%)

The average per capita expenditure for accommodation is €52 euros per day for Italians. €49 euros is the expenditure for foreigners. Both are almost the same as the regional average €50.


Eurparl vice-president considers extension of Brexit talks

Vice-president of the European Parliament Fabio Castaldo (Italy, 5SM) reminded that ‘no-dealBrexit will affect the UK more than the EU, although the bloc is preparing itself for this scenario as well.

Castaldo warned that ‘no-deal’ will lead to uncertainty and even “chaos” for trade and political relationship on both sides of the Channel.

I still hope that there will be prolongation of the negotiations, which is foreseen in the Article 50,  and I hope ‘no’ vote in the UK Parliament will not be used by any member-state to punish the UK” – vice-president continued. “In our interest is to find a deal that would fit both the EU and the UK citizens“.

However Castaldo also pointed at a possibility of a “few month prolongation” of negotiations in case of the governmental crisis in the UK,  offering time for a “new” government to approach the issue in a “proper way“.

Castaldo calls for Dublin Regulation reform

Fabio Massimo CASTALDO, the vice-president of the European Parliament, Italy, M5S Movement, calls for the urgent reform of the EU Dublin Regulation, which unequally shares burden of illegal migration flows. Unlike the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker,  the Italian politician is convinced that the migrant crisis is far from being solved, reflecting  profound structural problems of failed states, and conflicts in Africa.

“There is some usual reduction of arrivals due to the winter season, making crossing Mediterranean difficult” – CASTALDO said, pointing out that this change can not be assessed as a sign of the improvement.

The vice-president warned that the burden EU southern countries bear is unfair, and can not be justified within EU system of values, namely the solidarity, which goes begging when  European governments hear about need of re-location. of migrants from Italy or Greece.

The other issue of paramount significance is the confusion between economic migrants and refugees, which is happening to a detriment of the latter.

Merkel excluded debt releif for Italy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has excluded debt relief for Italy, explaining in a newspaper interview published on Sunday (3/06/2017) that the principle of solidarity among eurozone member states should not turn the single currency bloc into a debt-sharing union.

While cohesion among members of the single currency bloc is important, “solidarity among euro partners should never lead to a debt union, rather it must be about helping others to help themselves” – Merkel continued.

Chancellor made her remarks when asked about a media reports about Italy’s eurosceptic 5-Star Movement and Northern League (Lega Nord) had planned to ask the European Central Bank to forgive 250 billion euros ($296 billion) of Italian debt.

Italy: 5SM leads in exit polls

The Five-Star Movement (5SM) is a leading force as an individual party in Italy’s election, while the anti-immigration Lega Nord is also higher in the ranks than expected, suggest the first exit polls. Image: Luigi Di Maio, Five Star Movement.

The RAI exit poll predicted 30.5 percent for the Eurosceptic, anti-corruption Five Star Movement, and pegged Lega Nord on a par with its coalition partner Forza Italia, at 14.5%/  The ruling socialist Democratic Party was predicted to gain 22%t of the vote.

Liberals rejected Alliance with Five Star Movement


DEPECHE from Serge Turbin, European Parliament, follow-up of OPINION on M5S joining ALDE party:

The shocking prospect of Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S) joining the ALDE group in the European Parliament did not materialise as the ALDE group’s executive committee bureau rejected the deal. The national delegations of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden) as well as of France and Germany voted down the proposal. The result of the vote was met with a sigh of relief by the broader ALDE membership and, especially, French MEP Sylvie Goulard, who previously rivaled Guy Verhofstadt as a candidate for the European Parliament president, and has been a vocal against the marriage of convenience between ALDE and M5S.

Visibly saddened,  Guy Verhofstadt acknowledge defeat in a 38 second video clip published on his social media profile. “I have come to the conclusion that there are not enough guarantees to push forward a common agenda to reform Europe. There is insufficient common ground to proceed with the request of the Five Star Movement to join the ALDE Group”. While acknowledging fundamental differences between two political forces, the liberal leader hinted at enhanced ad-hoc collaboration with M5S outside of the ALDE Group: “However, on the issues of shared interest, such as the environment, transparency and direct democracy, the ALDE Group and the Five Star Movement will continue to work closely together”. It is yet to be seen how ALDE and M5S would work closely together on bringing “direct democracy” into the European project.

Serge Turbin, 9/01/2017,  Brussels