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China Yulin dog meat festival – hell on earth

In spite of massive protests of animal rights activists worldwide Chinese Yulin dog meat festival takes place this week in in China’s Guangxi Autonomous Region, continuing the chain of the eight year unprecedented dog torture, launched in 2010, by local dog traders keen to boost their profits in a promotion event.

When first launched, as many as 15,000 dogs were killed during the core festival days, but Chinese and international pressure has seen this figure cut to about 3,000, although the figure does not correspond to the animal right groups goal to diminish it to zero.

“Earlier this week in Beijing, Humane Society International (HSI) handed over a letter signed by more than 235,000 people calling for an end to the annual Yulin dog meat festival.

“The letter was circulated by HSI and Care2 and supported by 87 Chinese animal protection groups, including Capital Animal Welfare Association, Zhejiang Animal Protection Association, and Hainan Small Animal Protection Association” – the HSI spokesperson said.

Many experts insist that only worldwide boycott of tourism to China is an adequate tool to stop the dog meat festival, because the losses will be much bigger than gains for local dog meat traders. There is a little hope the dog torture will stop, unless a coordinated international action takes place, the experts underline.

Yulin dog meat festival takes place from 21 to 30 June, ending in thousands of skinned and boiled alive dogs to biggest joy of Chinese visitors, appreciating freshly cooked dog meat.

Yulin dog

MEP: “We should ask Mr.Putin, why humanist is in jail!”

Member of the European Parliament (ALDE, Lithuania) Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS expressed his shock, on the breaking news on arrest and jailing of Russian leading animal rights activist Yuri KORETSKYH, who was calling authorities for humane treatment of stray animals in Russian cities, brutally culled ahead of the World Cup championship.

“We should ask Mr.Putin, why a humanist is in jail!”, MEP said, underlining that the only concern of animal rights activists was promotion of humanism to stray animals in Russian cities. These cats and dogs were condemned to death instead of constructing shelters to resolve the problem of stray in a civilised way, the activists are promoting, MEP continued. “The animals did not commit any crime, it is a responsibility of authorities to build shelters”, MEP said.

The jailing of KORETSKYH shows the real face of Russian power, which is able of “abusing anyone” AUŠTREVIČIUS continued. “They go against any logic, any common sense for already last two decades”, MEP said, suggesting the situation with attitude towards animal rights activism in Russia is contrary to the European trends, aiming at raising welfare standards of animals.

“We invest tens of millions, or may be more, to ensure humane treatment of animals”, AUŠTREVIČIUS underlined, pointing out that European governments at highest level support animal welfare movements as conducive to public good. He also concluded that animal rights groups in Russian should get support from their European counterparts protecting stay in urban environments. “I’m sure Russian authorities will get a strong response for culling stray for hosting World Cup. I can promise it!”


#WorldCup2018: Russian animal rights groups demand to stop stray slaughter

The situation around slaughter of stray dogs in Russia ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2018 is becoming critical: the animal rights groups, pet owners, and animal lovers are  protesting against mass slaughter, organizing manifestations in cities hosting the championship. They blame local authorities to poison, shoot, and burn alive stray dogs, presumably to avoid any nuisance for sports tourists, expected to stream to stadiums in one month time. There is also strong suspicion in corruption, and diverting budget foreseen for dog shelters construction into civil servants pockets.

FIFA and the LOC, in no way, condones cruel treatment of wild and stray animals. We take this responsibility seriously and seek to set a good example to others. With that in mind, we have developed a procedure on responding to the appearance of stray or wild animals in the stadiums. The procedure involves a number of stakeholders in monitoring and responding to any case in a humane manner to avoid any inappropriate reaction. The procedure was in effect during the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and will be used for the FIFA World Cup this summer” – FIFA spokesperson said.

Furthermore, FIFA and the LOC have made a legal analysis of Russian legislation and the management of stray animals in each of the host cities. We are in contact with the Host Cities with regards to the measures employed and expect them to ensure the welfare of the animal population“.

However the official position of FIFA does not correspond to the realities in Russian cities, massively eliminating stray in the cheapest way as shooting and poisoning.

Russian animal rights groups vow to continue organising the protests until the authorities stop the stray animals killings. They also promised to organise actions during the championship, in case their demands of humane treatment of animals is not heard. In Russia there is no law, protecting animals against human cruelty, although the draft legislation was proposed during the mandate of President Yeltsin, and had in view European ethic standards, it has been blocked by President Putin administration ever since.

“Our demands are very clear. We request to end the stray dogs slaughter immediately” – said to Europe Diplomatic Yuri Koretsky – the chair of the Alliance for Animals, promoting their welfare in Russia.  The group understood that it is useless to continue writing letters and collecting signatures under petitions to Ministry of sports and Duma (parliament), when tenders for companies offering services of catching stray in 11 Russian cities hosting #WorldCup2018 were announced for the total amount of 110 million rubles (apx €1,5 million). The situation aggravated recently, Koretsky continued, explaining that his Alliance receives complaints from animal rights groups on daily basis with mounting evidence of barbaric slaughter, including dogs poisoning in the cities, embellishing their environment  to host the championship. “We have to unite our efforts, and mobilise all those who want to stop barbarism to prevent further mass slaughter of stray in name of football”, Koretsky concluded, indicating that the next protest actions are on the way.


Circus elephant killed in Spain

One elephant died and two others were injured when a circus truck carrying five of the animals crashed in southeastern Spain, official sources confirmed.

Video footage showed emergency services using a crane to winch one of the animals from the road in Pozo Canada, in the province of Albacete, as others wandered loose.

Civil Guard police tweeted a photo of a uniformed official standing in front of two of the roving animals, and wrote:

“Our Albacete traffic comrades today, attending to some elephants who were victims of an accident in Pozo Canada (unfortunately one of the pachyderms died).”

The head of the government’s traffic department, Gregorio Serrano, said on Twitter that early indications suggested the truck had overturned as it tried to overtake another vehicle.

MEPs oppose Spanish corrida as ‘cultural’ tradition

Slaughter without stunning is practiced in bullfighting, a notorious Spanish corrida, using the exception based on so-called ‘cultural traditions’. During the bullfight, the use of several instruments causes deep wounds, significant bleeding, intense suffering and painful death. (Image: Corrida, social media)

Virginia Iniesta, the vice-president of AVATMA, the Spanish association of veterinarians against bullfighting and animal abuse, gave a presentation on “Slaughter of animals without prior stunning” to Members of the European Parliament at monthly hearing of Animal welfare Intergroup, Strasbourg, March 15.

“It is unacceptable that in an advanced society legal exceptions still exist that cause suffering to animals where it could be avoided” –  Virginia Iniesta, the vice-president of AVATMA,

EP Animal WF

Virginia Iniesta, vice-president of AVATMA, Spain, presentation in European Parliament, Strasbourg, 15/03/2018

The European Union does allocate subsidies to bullfighting but it does subsidize cattle farming in general, which also benefits those who rear Spanish fighting bulls raised exclusively for corrida.

In 2015 Members of the European Parliament (MEP) voted in favour (438 / 687 )of amending the 2016 EU budget to indicate that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) appropriations or any other appropriations from the budget should not be used for the financing of lethal bullfighting activities.

“Bullfighting is a legalised sadism!’ – said Stefan Eck MEP, (Germany, GUE/NGL) demanding EU to ban it.


Siberia 'waterboarded' to ice cube dog killing defended by police

Police of Yakutia (Siberia) reported of an abhorrent death a dog, as claimed in social networks, the owner ‘waterboarded’ and left to die at -50 C° degree frost. The police authorities deny such a case in spite of massive photo, and other evidence brought by the group of animal rights defenders, who attempted to save the dog frozen into ice.

This particular type of execution was practiced in Russia in Middle ages, and even described in novels of 19th century authors: serfs turned into frozen “sculptures” by pouring onto them water in freezing temperatures. Later it was revived by Stalin during ‘great purge’. Today it is considered as at most perverse type of torture and execution.

A local media said about the verification of the publication of a photograph of a dead dog with a comment that a drunk owner doused the animal with water and him outside to die.

Police officers carried out verification activities, during which the owner was defined, as well as the circumstances of the dog’s death. According to police report the Shepherd dog suffered from Carre’s disease, and was partially paralyzed, the Interior Ministry said.

Police said that the owner did not kill the dog himself, but called in the volunteers of one of the animal protection organizations of Yakutsk. They took the animal, and after a while, a photo of a dead dog appeared on the Internet (image below).

dog ice

“The owner of the dog and members of his family are characterized positively, the pet was a favorite of a large family,” the police say.

The volunteers said the owner did not call them, but it was a neighbour who heard the howling animal, freezing into ice. The moment they arrived the dog was a block of ice and had no chance to survive. They suppose when knowing about the illness of the animal the owner decided to kill it himself to save up money and efforts to cure “the member of the family”.

There are no laws, protecting animals from human’s cruelty in Russia. For 17 years the administration of President Vladimir Putin has been blocking a package of laws, prepared previously in times of rapprochement with the West. So called ‘dog-hunters’ movement, promoting poisoning, chopping and shooting dogs is widespread in Russia, never confronted with prosecution, unlike animal rights defenders, who suffer hostility, and even threatened with jail for the promotion of ideals of humanism.


Young Danes ruthless killing of swan in Italy

Three young Danes risk prison sentences or fines for animal cruelty after being accused of killing a swan in Italy.

The three boys, aged 16-17, killed a swan by hitting it with rocks during an educational school trip to Lake Garda, according to reports of broadcaster TV2.

“It was very violent and happened in front of a lot of people. So we want to make an example,” Francesco Milardo, a Carabinieri major in the town of Peschiera del Garda, said. Although the teenagers are now back in Denmark, it is expected that they will be contacted by Italian authorities.

According media reports the three boys were walking along the shore of the lake when they were confronted by the swan, which hissed and puffed its chest.

Witnesses said that the boys reacted with an astonishing cruelty by throwing stones at the animal, continuing to do so after it fled into nearby reeds, until eventually killing it.

A number of the witnesses subsequently informed police, who performed an autopsy on the animal at Verona’s animal hospital, writes Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Carabinieri declined to confirm which school the boys attend, citing restrictions on identifying minors in Italian law.

A youth court in Venice has reportedly been informed of the incident.

Denmark has its reputation for animal cruelty for yearly slaughter of black dolphins in waters of Faroe Islands.

The public slaughter of a young giraffe Marius, who was shot and dismembered in front of a zoo audience that included children, and fed to the zoo’s lions caused an international outcry.


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