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Trump criticizes German open door migration policy

In his preferred way of communication via Twitter President Trump criticised German open door migration policy, pointing that it led to a steep rise of crime. He also underlined that this policy is against the will of German people, who are “turning against their leadership”.

Trump defines the open door policy as “big mistake”, leading to “strong and violent” change of German culture.

The remarks came amid a bitter political raw in Germany, when Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer openly opposed the line of Chancellor Merkel, and vowed to impose restrictions on migrants reception irrespective of her will.


#Champigny: Lynching of a policewoman in France

The scenes of filmed on smartphone lynching of a policewoman widely spread on social networks, fueled indignation of police agents, and politicians. The incident of an abhorrent violence took place on New Year’s 2018 night during a celebration in a private club in Champigny-sur-Marne, a residential area close to Paris, when two police agents arrived in a car, and were attacked by an angry crowd.

“This society of violence can not continue to exist,” insisted Interior Minister Gerard Collomb on Europe1, calling to break “an infernal mechanics” in “some” neighborhoods. He also ensured that everything would be done to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The position of Minister of Justice was criticised by Front National party, calling for reforming interior and rearming police agents, to give them adequate tools to deal with the widespread violence in France. Marine Le Pen insists on giving to police a legitimate right to self-defence.

In the context of confrontation with the terrorism, leading to ‘ultra-violence’ the self-defence of the policemen should be legitimate: when they are attacked, when their life is in danger, they should know that the Republic and justice are at their side, – says the statement of Front National (FN) party. “Only modification of legislation can give this guarantee” – FN concluded.  Marine Le Pen also criticised the position of the Gérard Collomb as “outdated leftist” approach to the problem that needs profound reforms, and determination.

The video roaming in French social media with a short introduction of a shocked commentator.

The public outrage reached  l’Elysée Palace, and President Emmanuel Macron expressed his support to police in a Tweet, ensuring that the culprits will not escape justice.

WARNING: disturbing graphic!

The video roaming in social media,  depicting lynching of a policewoman in #Champigny


Migrant violence in Calais on rise again

An exchange of gunfire between groups of Afghan migrants left injured in the French port of Calais, officials said, blaming an apparent settling of scores between traffickers.

The local prefect’s office told shots were fired in the late afternoon near a Catholic aid centre outside the centre of the northern port city.

“An exchange of fire with the protagonists of Afghan nationality – one supposes – is a settling of scores between traffickers, though that still has to be confirmed,” the prosecutor at nearby Boulogne said.

One man was reportedly taken to hospital after being hit in the abdomen.

He added police were expected shortly to begin questioning victims and witnesses.

Later in the afternoon police officers had to open fire to stop a car speeding up towards them. A car carrying migrants in Calais Jungle area accelerated speed towards a group of officers trying to halt it for a check, authorities said.

None of the nine migrants aboard the vehicle was wounded, but the car hit one of the officers and injured his knee.

“The vehicle hit an officer, whose knee was slightly injured. The officers opened fire”, stopping the vehicle, a local official told to media.

Six Iraqis and three Afghans in the car were arrested.

Migrants violent outbreaks in Brussels

According to spokeswoman for the Brussels-Capital Ixelles area, Ilse Van de Keere, a group of about 30 young men in a protest marched from Poelaert Square to Place Louise.(Brussels 5th Avenue).

“They committed damage in stores, including Damart and Caroline Biss,” says the Commissioner. A police vehicle was also damaged.
The latest police report shows 55 administrative arrests and 16 judicial arrests. There are no injuries to report, for now.

Police from the Brussels-Midi zone have been deployed near Place Louise, with a view to a possible reinforcement before the calm returned around 18:30.

Brussels inhabitants compared the luxury shopping area of the EU capital with the war-zone.

Spain unionists export violence to Barcelona

Concluding the day of a massive anti-independence rally in Barcelona, numerous incidents of violence against journalists, police, transport workers, and damages to public buildings were reported by the victims, witnesses, and social media. Till present 11 reported wounded.

The 300,000-strong march in Barcelona included also far-right groups decorated by Spanish flags, and fascist symbols, who directed their aggression against declaration of Catalan Republic splashed over different groups from media and police, to inhabitants and pedestrians.

A journalist from the Catalan digital newspaper El Nacional was attacked on by an aggressive unionist.  A group of journalists from the Catalan TV public broadcaster were also intimidated, while a van from the same TV station was damaged.

The incidents have been reported since Friday a far-right group of demonstrators for the unity of Spain intimidated employees of the Catalan radio public broadcaster and Barcelona local TV station. The outraged opponents of declaration of Catalan Republic smashed windows of Catalan radio, and damaged main doors, until Catalan police officers had set a police cordon to protect the premises.

The far-right protesters from the rally also attacked Catalan police. The incident took place in Plaça Sant Jaume, outside the Catalan government headquarters, the attackers were insulting the officers and throwing objects: ‘Long live Franco!’, ‘Long live Spain!’ and ‘Franco would fix you!’

So far the EU institutions failed to address the issue of Spanish violence in Catalonia, giving their unconditional support to Prime minister Mariano Rajoy, to what he calls the “restoration of legality” in self-proclaimed Catalan Republic.

The UN experts have already presented their opinion on events in Catalonia, explaining that the ‘territorial integrity’ principle can not be used for suppression of human rights, and right to self-determination of people. ‘Territorial integrity’ is a fundamental principle preventing external forces, but not an excuse to deny people their basic right to determine their future.



Italians’ raising concern with mass-migration

Raise of crime, violence, and especially rape are fuelling anti-immigrant sentiment in Italy ahead of elections due early next year, when problems caused by illegal mass migration are firmly on the top the political agenda.

Anti mass-migration politicians accuse the center-left government of failing to guarantee the border controls, allowing flows of Africans to enter the country illegally over the past four years, with a steep rise of arrival last year. Different estimates claim between 600 000 and one million illegals to land on Italian coasts.

“There are too many of them. I will send quite a few home,” Matteo Salvini, the head of the Lega Nord, wrote on Twitter this week after police said a Bangladeshi migrant had been arrested in Rome on suspicion of raping a Finnish baby-sitter.

The Rome case occurred two weeks after a young couple of Polish tourists ended in hospital after robbery and gang rape by four African migrants, three of them claimed being minors, on a beach in the Adriatic popular resort of Rimini.

The leader of the gang was named as a Congolese asylum-seeker who had been allowed to stay in Italy on humanitarian grounds. The other three were Moroccan brothers, and a a Nigerian.

“A gang of Maghreb worms,” said Georgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d’Italia party, which is expected to be allied with the Lega Nord  and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party at the election.

A recent opinion poll in La Repubblica newspaper showed 46% of Italians thought migrants represented a threat to their personal safety and to public order against 40% in the previous survey in February.

Christians – most prosecuted

Nearly 90,000 of the faithful were killed for their beliefs in violent and gruesome attacks last year, according to a report by the Center for Studies on New Religions, making Christians the most persecuted group in the world. While some were killed as part of state-sanctioned persecution, as in places like North Korea, nearly one-third of the Christians who died in 2016 were executed at the hands of Islamic extremists like ISIS.

The study also found that as many as 600 million Christians were prevented from practicing their faith in 2016.

EU regrets Russia' liberality to domestic violence


“No country is immune from domestic violence, which claims so many victims worldwide each year. The Russian Federation’s new legislation is, in this regard, a clear step backwards in the country’s commitment to tackling violence against women and children,” – says the EU External action service (EEAS), commenting on Russia’s tolerance to domestic violence.

“While most countries in Europe are taking measures to stop domestic violence and violence against women, and to raise awareness of this serious violation of human rights, the signing into law of a bill decriminalizing some forms of domestic violence in the Russian Federation on 7 February goes in the opposite direction. This law fails to recognise the very serious and specific nature of violence against women. Legislation that tolerates violence against women and children within the family risks severe consequences both for the victims and for society as a whole”, – concluded the EEAS statement.

According to Russia’s Ministry of interior 600 000 women are victims of domestic violence every year.

40% of all the violent crimes and murders in Russia are commited at home.

The European Union will continue to promote the eradication of domestic violence, to protect those who are vulnerable, and to support the victims, both inside and outside of Europe.

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